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Getting rid of the $1 bill?


Free Spirit
Staff member
I really hate to see them do that but if it will save money they probably will. If they want people to use them they will have to take all the paper bills out of circulation. I hope there is enough difference in size that it is easily distinguished from a quarter.


Registered Member
So, are they going to have to go through and replace/reconfigure every single vending machine that's out right now?


Registered Member
It will never pass. In the money they'd save, we'd have to use on fixing everything that is used by the 1 dollar bill.


I think it's crazy that other countries even use the $1 bill. In Australia our smallest bill is $5, with $1 and $2 coins. When I was in Singapore they had both $1 and $2 notes. It drove me crazy! My wallet was constantly bursting with useless tiny notes. I much prefer smaller coins like what we have here.


Registered Member
We haven't even gotten around to getting rid of the penny - which IIRC costs more than a penny for the government to make. I'm not too worried about this


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It evens out because you can have too many one dollar coins and that gets a bit annoying but with that, you can also save money by putting it in a box and it adds on over time. I can't really imagine Australia with one dollar notes, that would be way too weird.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I think having the dollar coins is weirder than having the dollar notes. I'd much rather have a ton of dollar bills then a ton of coins. I hate coins, they weigh too much.

Notes are much easier to carry around and use. I think it will be really tough to get people to stop using them here.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I think this is something that could eventually happen if it is saving money, but we're so used to the dollar bill right now that I just can't picture it happening for a long time. As one poster mentioned it would involve an overhaul of a multitude of things, vending machines for example . The initial cost to save money down the line could be too much, but that's just my general impression. As Wade mentioned I feel like I usually hear more about the penny being done away with, I would expect that happening first.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
We don't have 1 euro bill. Our minimum bill is 5€. For 1 and 2 euros we have coins. You're right about it being heavy. But then we also use cards a lot here.