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Getting rid of Telemarketers


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Ok, I'm sure everybody here gets calls from sales people.

How do you handle these? There is a mean way, a polite way, and of course your own way.

I tend to have my own way. I don't feel bad because I used to be a telemarketer, so I have taken my fair share of the "mean way." Believe it or not right after you yell or scream at one and hang up, they are cracking up on the other end of the phone with their buddy sitting next to them. Oops, that's a secret I'm not supposed to let out.. lol!

In all seriousness though, telemarketers don't care if you hang up on them. They just want to meet their quota for the hour. They are just doing their job people!!

However, their job interferes with our lives, and we are sick of it!

(Can I get a Hoo-Ha Sargeant!) :lol:

Anyway, probably the best ever response was one I overhead my dad giving someone. True story, and yet so funny.

Salesman: Hello can I speak with the owner of the house?
Dad: Speaking.
Salesman: Is now a good time for me to tell you about some great rates I can get you if you remortgage through us?
Dad: No, we are in the middle of dinner.
Salesman: Ok, when would you like me to call you back?
Dad: Well, do you have a pen and paper?
Salesman: Sure one second.
Dad: Ok, tell me when you are ready.
Salesman: Ok got it.
Dad: Ok write this down ok?
Salesman: Ok, ready.
Dad: Ok, write this down: DON'T..
Dad: EVER..
Dad: CALL..
Dad: THIS..
Dad: GUY...

:lol: The best part is he waited for the response before hanging up lol! The guy hadn't had that one before apparently LOL!


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hahaha I gotta use that one .Just wait till the next sucker calls :lol: :lol:


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I tend to ask them what they are wearing.. :evil grin: Most of them hang up ... but then again there are the others who ask if they can call back later hehehehe


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Cool dj! I will admit it, it's a very fun job. You deal with all sorts of people, and as long as you can learn to laugh at the pranks and mean ones it's a blast. I still don't like being called though hehe.



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I like to ask for THEIR home number... "can I call you back later, when YOU are trying to have dinner?"


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I posted what I did in Bethany's thread about weird phone calls hehehe

to lazy to repost it here ; )

but I had a neighbor one time in Cali, I was visiting her one time when she got a telemarker call. All she said was " did I call you? " I think they said No. hehe since I could only hear what she said. Then she said " well if I need something I'll give you a call thanks" hehe I thought well that's pretty much to the point. lol
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*Phone Rings*
Jerry Seinfeld: Hello?
Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah, hey I'm kind of busy right now. Why don't you give me your home phone number and I'll call you back later?
Jerry Seinfeld: Oh, you probably don't want people calling you at home. Now you know how it feels!


I love that episode!


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Usually I just say Im not interested, thank them, and hang up!

The funniest one was where this guy just wouldnt give up. I told him I wasnt interesting in anything he was trying to sell, so I set the phone down and let him talk to himself for 20 minutes before he finally hung up on his end, and I got dial tone... LOL


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The telemarketer called me and it was a wrong number and tried to pass some hotel saving to me. I said that I don't travel and that I am only 17. She apologized and hung up and never got a call from them again. I wasn't really 17. I was a little older than that. I do that with solicitors saying my mommy isn't home. Try the do not call list by going to donotcall.gov.


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Been on the do not call list since it came out. It really works!