Getting Rid of Ants


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This morning I woke up and there were a bunch of ants on my counter top. Took a rag and wiped them into the sink and flushed them down. I wiped down the counter again really good. Came back a few hours later and they were back so I went to Lowes and got an ant bait trap. Supposedly they go into the trap and take the poison back to the colony where it is suppose to wipe the whole colony out. Will see if that really happens.

How about you. How do you get rid of ants in your house?
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I heard tea tree oil and/or lavender oil gets rid of them for a long period. The smell gets them to leave. My mum uses these oils whenever she needs.


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I had an ant infestation in my bathroom a couple of weeks ago. I brought some ant powder and it got rid of them. They haven't been back since. I also got a trap that they're supposed to go inside and they get stuck I believe. You can't see inside it so I am not sure if they all went in there. Powder or spray should work alone.
I'll take those ants over the huge centipede that was in my bathroom two mornings ago.

I've always just used ant traps and they disappeared within a couple of days.


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I actually have an ant problem in my bathroom right now and am not sure how to get rid of them.

I do need to start looking into that more though.

@Dragon: Ants store food because they don't collect at all periods of the year, so yeah, they actually do bring the poison back to their colony, eventually you should be seeing some results if that's exactly how it works.


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if they're only coming in in one place, put some cream of tartar down in front of the place they're entering. they won't walk across it. it sounds crazy but it's true


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I have no clue.

I don't have them at home, thankfully, but they are a problem at work. The problem with that is because I work in a kitchen, I can't use any chemicals on them. We have a pest control company which comes out once a month but whatever they're doing just isn't working.
I've actually caulked up some holes where I found them coming in. Seems like they always find a new way in though.


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Ants are so annoying. Those tiny little things leave nasty bites. I don't have ants in my dorm, but I did have a spider about the size of a quarter crawl across my desk one night. wtf

My grandparents used to lay these little black things in corners of the houses and by doors to the backyard or something. I guess there was something in it. They'd also have this strip of just sticky stuff. Any pest would land, and be stuck. Other bugs would see the crowd and join, causing them to be stuck too. I think those were mostly for flies though.

It's just with the strips, they're still alive :D so you gotta commit pest genocide once the tape gets full.
We get ants quite often for some reason. They're easy to get rid of for periods of time, but they always come back in our house, even if it's a year or so down the line.

My dad usually puts down some kind of powder and it does the trick. We've never had a huge infestation.


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My parent always used the Ants Trap that have poison in them and they bring it to the other ants or something of that nature. It always work for them, and if other ants tend to show up a few months later then they'll buy the same mechanism that previously worked. The house I just bought is new so I hope not to have ants problems for atleast a few years. But that to work BR needs to stop letting crums all over the countertop lol.