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Getting Put Off an Artist/Performer


I am the woolrus
Have you ever been a fan of an artist or performer, but then stopped listening to their music/ seeing their films/reading their books because they did or said something in their life that you didn't agree with?

I ask because i was struggling to make room to fit everything on my iPod yesterday and i ended up deciding to delete the entire recordings of Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam. The reason being, he used to be one of my favourite artists, ever since i was a kid, and his albums would get extremely regular playthroughs, but when i heard him saying he supported the fatwa on Salman Rushdie and he would like to see him burned at the stake, i really haven't been able to listen to him anymore... Something changed, and his songs don't seem to have as much meaning anymore, particularly considering the strong themes of peace, love and understanding in a lot of his music. I just can't enjoy it like i used to.

Has anyone else had this sort of experience with an artist of any kind?


It's not me, it's you.
Yes, although I couldn't tell you what it was over.

These days I tend to completely avoid any type of celebrity gossip or press. I don't want to know what they advocate, I don't want to know their opinions or anything like that. I just think that I enjoy their product more without knowing these things.

However, since I am a little more tolerant these days than I used to be, I could probably know all those things and still enjoy it. I should give that a try sometime.


I once got put off a band I liked just because I found out this girl I hated in High School was a big fan... yeah I used to be very mature.

I haven't really been put off too much, I mean there's been bands and artists I've simply outgrew as I've aged, but that's pretty normal.

I've never been put of someone for a political reason though.


I don't mind knowing every detail about celebrities but luckily there isn't any artist whom I stopped listening for the reasons stated in the OP.

But if I were in your shoes Wooly, I'd do the same!


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Yes, I have to admit that Justin Beiber is a good singer but what puts me off him is the hype that all these damn teeny boppers put on him and it just drives me crazy, they should be screaming at me, not him!


Sally Twit
I think part of the reason I avoid celebrity gossip when I can is for this reason. If I had loved a band for a very long time and something they said put me off them I'd be pretty gutted. I'd rather just know little about their personal lives and continue to enjoy the entertainment they provide me with.
Same with actors as well.


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I can't think of any artists I liked that I was put off of, but there there have been times where the artist did something stupid, and if he hadn't I might have liked him (Chris Brown and Kanye come to mind of two artists who I refuse to listen to, but who are popular and whose music I might like if I listened to it)