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I am not asking about Pick Up Lines that nobody in their right mind would ever use, what I'm curious about is how has your experience been in getting peoples phone numbers? In my experience I've seen that alot of people tend to find a groove in how they do it. Nobody I've ever seen really ever uses stupid pick up lines unless they are literally trying to break the ice. So whats your method?

Did you just ask? Was it hard? Have you ever had to really work at it?

if you've ever been on the opposite side of the question, did you put up a fight and play hard to get? Do you just give your number out to anyone? Or the even funnier side; Have you ever given a number out that wasnt yours?


Ess Tii Eph Yu
I never have to ask for numbers. They always seem to get handed to me. Last night I managed to get 4 numbers without even trying. It gets annoying after awhile because I end up with so many slips of paper in my purse.


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I've never asked anyone for their number in a romantic sense. I find it hard enough to ask for someone's number on a friendship basis, never mind a romantic basis!

I've had someone ask for my number before, and I just gave it to them.

If I didnt want to give it to them, I would give them a false number if I knew I was never going to see them again. Or give them ones of my old phones numbers so it looks real when I can just say it really quickly instead of having to think about a false number.


i've never asked numbers but i've been asked about them.
it's difficult for me to ask for numbers [just like nixi said 'in a romantic' way] because i know i won't be the first to call them unless they call me first.
i give my number if i find the person to be appropriate knowing he won't disturb me the non sense calls.
I have never asked for a number before, and only given it twice or so and it wasn't just randomly. I don't think I ever saw those people I gave it to again, though. But I did give the wrong one once, lol. That was a long time ago, nowadays I'd just politely say no.


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I've been asked for my number a few times but i find it quite easy to decline (politely of course)

I've only ever given my number to one guy and that was because he came over and started to talk to me and my flatmate and started teasing me and having like major debates with us about stuff and then he just turned to me and said "Seriously how long do I have to stand here before I get your number?" I was so taken aback that I just gave him my number.

a year later and I still talk to him and I am MAJORLY into him.

I have never asked for a guys number not cos I'm nervous but I just have needed to or felt the inclination to.


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I'm not really the type of guy who goes to a bar and hits on all the girls and asks people for numbers. In fact, I'll rarely ever ask someone for their number unless I've known them for a bit or they are friends of a friend. Maybe I'm just weird like that.

Girls I would end up meeting at a bar wouldn't probably be my type anyways.
I should add on that I realize a bar setting is not the only place you can ask for a number. Honestly, I'd feel even weirder asking someone for a number anywhere else anyways haha
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Babeasaurus Sex

This happened in the library...NOT where I would expect to be chatted up lol!

I do agree though Millz some random person more than likely isn't going to be the person for you forever.

I love being friends for ages first and getting that horrible awkwardness out of the way :)


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I used to feel really good about myself when I could get a cute girl's number, but lately It doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment. Girls seem to give it out too easily. You never know if they are simply being nice, or if they are into you.

To the OP, yes getting a number is easy. Talk to them, find a common interest, say "we should do that sometime, let me get your number, and I'll give you a call next time I do that". Get the number, and half the time, you never call. Two months later, your staring at your contact list trying to remember who all random names of girls are in your cell.