Getting Out Of Tickets?


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Have you ever gotten out of a ticket you were sure you were about to get? Could be a speeding ticket, parking violation, whatever.

How did you do it?

Also, have you ever tried to get out of one and failed? Do you think it ended up worse for you because you tried to weasel out of it?

I've never gotten a ticket but I've been pulled over a few times. I wasn't really trying to get out of them but I did end up with warnings each time. I haven't been pulled over at all in at least 5 years though.
Yes. The only ticket I've ever -almost- got, I managed to get out of. Well, it wasn't really me who talked the traffic warden out of writing it.. it was my Grandma :lol:

I'd just taken her to the doctors office and parked in a paying zone without realising. As we were walking back to the car, we saw the warden standing there writing the ticket. My Grandma approaches her all 'confused' and puppy-eyed, and asks her sweetly to let us off. I've never been so amused. If I were by myself, I'd have just let it go and accepted the ticket (I was in the wrong, after all) but I'm thankful I had her with me. That did make me laugh.


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I hadn't paid for something on my car, I can't remember what, but it was like a month overdue, and I was speeding slightly which is why I was pulled over in the first place. Well, the cop who pulled me over looked like one of those really old sleazy types, so I pulled down my top a little and flirted with him, and got let off with a warning.


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One time I was late going back to school from lunch. Just told the officer I was going to be late for class and he just told me to leave earlier next time. :lol:


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I've never been pulled over before or had any parking tickets or speeding tickets. I think if I did get any though I would be rubbish at trying to get out of them and probably panic :lol:

My friend has been pulled over several times and somehow she has managed to get out of the tickets everytime. Lord knows how she does it :shifteyes:


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Not me but my brother. He did use me as an excuse. I was going to a costume party and he's driving me. When he got caught he made up a story about how I'm a famous singer and I have a concert I have to go to. I guess the get up was credible coz the police bought it.


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Nope, I have tried to be as nice as possible... and they have nailed me twice. I've been lit up by CHP (California Highway Patrol) cruisers two times as long as I've been driving and both times I ended up with a ticket. One for speeding and the other a Fix-it for License Plate covers. :hah:


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I've been pulled out a ridiculous amount of times but have only gotten one ticket for my insatiable need for speed. Usually I just told the officer that I knew I was speeding and tried to slow down when I saw just how bad it was. Somehow it works.