Getting lost in the shuffle?

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Millz, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    Wooly mentioned this on the Genesis thread but do you think with TNA acquiring so much new talent that alot of guys are going to be lost in the shuffle? Maybe guys who SHOULD be pushed are not going to be anymore because of Venis, Hall, XPac, Sid, Hardy whoever?

    How much is too much?

  2. wooly

    wooly I am the woolrus

    I think they're already past the state of too much. They;ve brought in a ridiculous amount of wrestlers recently. These wrestlers are gonna get priority because they;ve just arrived in the company and they need to get over so we might not be seeing a lot of TNA superstars on screen for a while. I'm worried that people liek Jay Lethal, MCMG, Desmond Wolfe and even stars like Samoa Joe are gonna go through long periods of not getting pushed at all. And there's no doubt people would rather see them on screen than the Nasty Boys or Orlando Jordan.

    And i mean, i was worried about that last week, now i hear that two more, possibly three more, ex-WWE stars are coming in to the company soon? It's crazy. The roster is just too big for everyone to play a part. Hopefully though having two shows might help this. Especially if they had a more wrestling orientated show (with maybe a focus on showcasing the younger talent over most of the show) and then a more storyline orientated show (where the main feuds could be built up and the bigger main events could take place). I think that'd be a good idea.

    Either way with all the ongoing acquisitions, can see there being a lot of releases (and maybe some resignations) in TNA over the course of 2010. Probably some that a lot of TNA fans won't be happy with.
  3. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Well I heard that Samoa Joe wasn't happy with his role with the company, TNA gave him that "briefcase" for a title shot to keep him happy.

    Rumors are that he might sign with the WWE this year, the WWE always have a Samoan on their roster, so they might go for Joe.

    Personally I wouldn't care all that much if he joined the WWE, personally I believe it's a tad overrated, I don't think he's all that great.
  4. wooly

    wooly I am the woolrus

    I think Samoa Joe is a fantastic talent but i have had a few problems with him lately...

    1. The way he's been booked. Joe is best when he's booked as a monster and at the moment he's just booked as a strong upper mid-carder. Someone who's tough but very possible to beat. I think they should go back to booking Joe as a monster and have him destroying people again, get the "JOE'S GONNA KILL YOU" chants going! :p

    2. His weight and, i can only assume, his general fitness. In the past year or so especially Joe has put on a lot of weight and he just looks flabby now. He's definitely in the worst shape of his life at the moment. He still may be fast and agile for his size, but not as much as he was. Maybe he'd be more likely to get a push if he hit the gym a little, cus he doesn't seem to be much of a priority for TNA at the moment, and to be honest i can't see Hogan being a fan of Joe's current physique.
  5. Shooting_Palanx

    Shooting_Palanx The Rock is cooking atm..

    I've always had that issue as well with watching Joe in the ring....I mean in my head you have two type of fat people.

    You either got Rikishi or you have Kamala....

    Joe borders along the same size as Kamala....

    He needs to hit the gym, because obviously he isn't exercising as much as he used to these days.

    The one thing you can't take away from him, is his in ring abilities...He is a MONSTER in the ring, and could do alot of moves that most people his size can only dream of....

    I'd say I hope he goes over to the WWE, the WWE needs another Samoan bulldozer...god rest his soul.
  6. viLky

    viLky ykLiv

    Is TNA financially able to start another show, or to extend it's time slot longer? If so, those are a couple of ways to show off their new talent and talent that hasn't been getting any air time. If not, well, they just have too many wrestlers and not enough time. Somebody is gonna get cut. >.<;
  7. Shooting_Palanx

    Shooting_Palanx The Rock is cooking atm..

    People will leave if you ask me, I'd feel pretty upset if I was building momentum to what could be a very good gimmick or something, only to be knocked back down by the likes of Sean Waltman? lol.
  8. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    If TNA can move to Monday night full time then what's keeping them from another show? I would assume finding another television contract. I guess they could go with Spike again.

    It was easier for WCW because TNT and TBS was all owned by the same person...the very person who owned their company.

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