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Getting Jobs


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Do you believe it's easier to get a job today then will say at least 18 years ago? Does having modern technology like tablets, cell phones, computers and articles in newspapers and magazines etc make it easier to get jobs?


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I’d say no, because it makes it easier for everyone. It just means there are likely more people competing for the same jobs.


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I think it's easier looking for jobs in regards to having access to information and applications being easier to fill out. But I'd also have to say jobs are definitely hard to get nowadays due to insurgence of everyone applying. At the end of the day, sometimes it comes down to opportunity. I've been struggling looking for a job in my field after graduating. So far? I've done 2 temp jobs for 6 months to a year, and still trying to rack up experience to make the resume look good.


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Really I believe it's a year by year case. Less population like years ago meant less companies. There are more people today which means more companies today. If there are less job opportunities today then it has to do with immigration. some companies are cheap and won't hire the most qualified applicant. It's greedy companies and not technology that makes it hard ti get hired today. I would have to answer in a literal sense.

I was still working in 2000 and didn't find it hard to find a job. And this year I live in Chicago and I'm on SSI so I can't really say. So those who were applying for job from then until now have a better idea than I do. I think it's always best to ask your unemployment agency about what jobs are there today.


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Even if it is harder to find a job nowadays, you can still find a lot of work if you know where to look, how to properly fill out an application or resume, how to be assertive when trying to be hired, and how to conduct yourself during an interview.


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I can only speak for myself, but I would say it's pretty easy to find a job. I've never had a problem finding a job and getting hired. I'm confident saying this because I've changed jobs more times than people change their underwear. I've changed 4 jobs in the past year, and most of the switching happened because I was not satisfied with my job. I really don't hesitate to leave if I don't have a sense of job satisfaction at work. But I think the reason I'm able to do that is because I'm a jack of all trades (master of none, unfortunately :/) and my resume is really diverse. I have a degree in business administration management and accounting and payroll, so I have that going for me.

On the other hand, my mom pretty much laid it out for me as a youngster, that as a female, I would have to learn to work in a man's world and she got me certification for every forklift known to man, along with First Aid, Level 2. In the event that I ever have to do labour, at least it will be skilled and pays quite well. Upto this point in my life, I've worked in everything from warehousing to retail to office administration and management. Granted when I was an intern, it was difficult; but once I had the experience, it wasn't that difficult to get a job.

The job I'm at now is the keeper for me. My pay is wicked good and get amazing health coverage and all my dental expenses are paid for. Having my own corner office and being my own boss (sort of) is the icing on the cake. But in all honesty, I found this job and got called in for an interview in less than 24 hours after I left my previous job.

So, take from that what you will. I think if you have a skill set and good work ethic, it's not that hard to find a job. People are always hiring.