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Getting in your own Way


aka ginger warlock
This is inspired by Idisrsly's about following your own advice.

I have been told by others including my own mother and friends that I often get in my own way, that I am guilty of cutting off my own nose to spite my face and to be fair it is true. I will often get angry and get in my own way of things and find it very difficult to get past it, it is almost like I take my anger, frustration and depression and turn it into a self fulfilling prophecy and am almost determined to keep it going. I can feel it coming on now, I have not left the house all day, I haven't even got out of my sweat pants and I know I need to otherwise I will feel worse so despite the rain I am going to go for a walk for half an hour with an umbrella if only to get some fresh air.

Do you ever feel the same way though?


It's not me, it's you.
The only thing I can think of that would be remotely close to me doing this is the type of men that I pick to date. I always seem to pick the charming guys who are just luring me in to use me with no real intention of being in a relationship, all the while lying to me. I don't get why I always seem to pick this guy. I was beginning to think that this was all that was left in the world, but it's probably me. I somehow pick them out myself.