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Getting Good IT Training ? - Help Please !


New Member
Can anyone recommend a good IT training company for programming? So far my experience to IT training has been a disaster and I have been conned by a disgraceful firm called 'FDM Group'.

I went to this company for some training but got cheated by them instead. The 'FDM Group' are the most pathetic and useless firm that I have met in my life. This company gives some promises about getting you work in IT with training, etc, etc. After charging me a huge fee, they did not give me the full training course that I paid for - only part of it with no support and NO job or work placement. They managed to con me and take my hard earned money with it.

The FDM Group are a pile of crap and their staff are a bunch of scumbags. It's no wonder that there are so many complaints about this firm. Many other people have had similar experiences. I hope no one else has to go through the hell that I went through too.


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Staff member
Are you looking for a physical location setting or a course that you can do on your own online? And what type of IT training are you looking for specifically?


Registered Member
Yeah, I know a bunch of people who have used these kind of training centers and they sometimes turn out OK, but most are not what they say they are and especially can't deliver on help with employment after you finish.

I haven't heard of the one you're talking about, but IMHO, if you're going to go for training, unless you know someone who has gone to the "institute" that's advertising, I'd opt for a more mainstream setup like a local college that has a good reputation. Lots offer the same kind of stuff - just might take a little longer and be a bit more costly, but as you discovered, sometimes you get what you pay for.

So many places these days are going towards online delivery because they just can't afford to have huge computer labs that will be empty half the time since classes don't run 24/7. I actually used to work in developing online delivery courses primarily for nursing students, but we also had a huge center where any student could go to work on assignments and get assistance if needed.


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I had dealings with the IT recruitment services of the FDM Group in UK. Their service was just appalling and dreadful. I was so distraught with their service that I eventually reported them. They charged me an excessive fee for staff that were not even properly trained or skilled to my requirements. I did not even get the required number of staff for my business. I was simply conned and got no refund or compensation. I later discover that this firm was investigated for fraud and deception.


New Member
Have you looked into some of the short term courses you can get at community colleges? They are often much less expensive, and include "hands on" training for most IT related career paths. You wont find promises of being given a job, but community colleges usually have a job placement department that will at least try to help you.