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Xbox Brand Getting better at halo?



What do you think is the best way? just playing? Or are there specific things that you've done that like made you better?


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Eat at Joe's.

There is no way to get better besides experience. Learn the levels, play the game, witness the great players. You'll develop, just keep going.

Anonym0uz Bitch

Yeah, I've had to agree, you need to play better players in order to get better.


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I played Halo 1 so alot of my aiming carried over from that

Playing on Xbox Live gets you better.

Also Try beating the game on legendary. I think i beat halo 2 about 3 times on legendary through just casual sittings and picking up a level here and there.


Play with me and you will become a god. lol jk

um...play lots of customs with good people on MLG settings...lots of FFA and TS on lockout, midship, warlock, sanctuary...those are the best teamwork developing ones...ffa is midship only


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You forgot Ascension; thats a great team work map.

The best way to get better is to play. Period. Preferably with people that are better than you, you'll get better faster playing people that dominate you. You start to learn the way they play, and you get better that way.


I think some good tips would be:
Kill the enemies.
Don't die.


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öMg it'z Blur! said:
ascension not as much...but still yes
Eh; I'm thinking Teamball learning to cover your guys so they don't die so quickly and such. Holding down the little tower takes a lot of team work (the big tower not so much), especially if they charge from all available arears. (Left entrance; straight, and right entrance.)

But maybe thats just my opinion *shrugs* who knows.

The way I got as good as I am (not saying I'm good) is playing a bunch of 40's (non modders) in custom gamse like SWAT (no shields) or snipers...Stuff that teaches you; you can't miss.


Try doing SWAT. The reason is...to get you're accuracy up. It helps a lot I thought and it also makes you think if you should that move you were thinking about doing. Either you way you look at it, it helps I think.