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getting away


I put on music. Sometime's I drink a little - just enough to get tipsy.
I smoke out of habbit sometimes, but hate smoking when I'm depressed. I tend to think about all my problems. Although I'll have a mil. thoughts racing in my head, my reactions are too slow to get anything done.


If am lucky during the week I can relax by watching one of my favorite wb episode. Go in my room attempt homework, work on a story while listening to music. Sometimes I will go to the library or target. Shopping or checking out Cd's/books can be comforting to me. Sometimes I make a run over to blockbuster and rent a couple or more movies to watch. Though recently I haven't been making good selections.


I am very active and am always at the gym. I just go to the gym and rip my self apart. It is my haven for thinking.


A Darker Knight
that's nice. I"m sure lifting weights and stuff could really take out stress. I should try that


Film Elitist
For me it's usually music, working out, or I'll write ideas for movies or screenplays.


I usually just go into my room, look at the funny sites I have bookmarked, and listen to some up-beat music.