TV Get Smart Original Series


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Anyone else enjoy the original series? I used to watch it on Nick @ Nite back in the '90s. My wife and I bought the season 1 dvd over the weekend. It was such a great mix of talent. It's truly one of the greatest tv shows of the past.


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Get Smart is a very old show, it started in 1965. I haven't seen all the episodes yet, I've seen around 50-60 of them. There was around 130 total episodes, I do plan to watch the others. I rank get smart in my top 15 favorite old show of all time.

My two favorite characters from the show are Maxwell Smart, played by Don Adams and Chief played by Edward Platt.


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I saw Don Adams driving out of the Playboy mansion grounds once and followed him until he punched the gas in his convertible Jag and left me flat in the dust. His license plate was AGT MAX.

Ah, good times.


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Get Smart was definitely one of my favorite TV shows of all time. A classic. I have an autographed photo of Don Adams (the first time I
ever wrote a fan letter to a television star).


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My favorite thing about Get Smart is the catch phrases:

"er, sorry about that Chief"

"missed me by that much"

"would you believe..."

"and loving it!"


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I own the complete series, which was released from Time-Life back in 2006 (I believe). When it aired on Nick at Nite I was a kid and didn't care for it. However, I've had an obsession with sixties TV shows and bought the DVDs. Now I think it's a great show. I own all 138 episodes, the feature film 'The Nude Bomb' (which was terrible), the television reunion movie 'Get Smart Again' and the short-lived (only 7 episodes) updated series Get Smart from 1995.

Another show I didn't like on Nick at Nite but own on DVD and LOVE now is F Troop.