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Get Ready For Class Because Your "Saved By The Bell"


Registered Member
Ok so maybe you watched this program Saved by the Bell. Ok so you're not Zach Morris, Kelly Kapowski, A C Slater, Jesse Spano, Screech, Lisa Turtle, Mr Belding, or Mrs. Bliss. Ok we probably we don't act as good as they do.

Well speaking of school this thread is going to be about about history of school. This pertains to K- 12th Grade. I'll ask simple questions and you can which ever one of them you want.

1. Did you like school or not? Why?
2. Was you a good kid, a troublemaker or a bully?
3. Who were some of your favorite teachers and which grade did they teach? Which subject did they teach?
4. Name some teachers you didn't like. Why?
5. What were some of the subjects you were good at?
6, What are some some classes you didn't like ? Why?
7. Can you remember any friends you had in school? Name them by first name only.
8. Do you have any experiences that you had in the class, on the school ground (including the Playground) and the cafeteria?
9. Do you remember Principals, office staff, janitors, or school Narcs?
10. Did you have a boyfriend/grilfriend or a crush on someone? This someone didn't have to go to the same school.

Remember you don't have to answer ll these questions. Just answer the ones you want.
Let's grab our books and get ready for class. We don't want to be late let's be Saved By The Bell.