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Get paid to lose weight with HealthyWage and DietBet


Registered Member
If you like to gamble and want to lose weight then these two options may work for you. It's all about betting. Meet the goal and you'll make money, fail to hit the goal and you'll lose it. HealthyWage is only applicable for those with obesity. It seems to have a high payout so I can see how it would motivate to get a healthy BMI within one year from the bet date. I don't qualify for this program, so I don't have first hand experience.

DietBet, on the other hand, appears to cast a wider net. To win their Kickstarter games , a person just needs to lose 4% of their body weight. This is verified through pictures where you're given a key word to show next to your full body picture on the scale, then a close up of that keyword, your feet/ankles whatever, on the scale with the scale readout. Games start all the time and you can even start your own. I tried this one last year and liked it. I figured out that the best way to maximize earnings is to join three bets at a time. Of course, you're also fronting your own money per game, so that also maximizes risk. The payout isn't much, I made $35 in total over three games (all done concurrently), but that's more than my savings account earns in that short amount of time. Since I'm steadily gaining sugary sweet pounds thanks to all the yummy goodies, I'm gong to join another one after Christmas.

Are there other programs similar to these two that I should try? Is DeitBet still a decent program? I tried it last year, but would like to hear from someone with more recent experience.