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Um..Hello everyone. This is Kyo's Sister, she said something about winning a game console and that just tempted me to join and by her persuadsive ways of course. I might pop in from time to time to look around the Music section since I've seen my sis post in there from time to time. Don't give me too much of a wierd welcome, I've seen some of these threads:no:


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When I saw the title of your introduction I thought I was going to have to ban another spammer for a fitness club. Anyway, welcome to the madhouse we all call home.



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Welcome!!! The title of the thread just pulled me in. Usually I don't welcome new users, so yeah. ^^

I hope you enjoy your stay here!!! It's really fun here and we have cookies and cake!!! We are Teh DARK SIDE! Muahahahahaha.... :devil:


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Welcome to Fusion Central.

And I am really glad you joined because we really need members right now and I hope you can be active as Kyo. I hope you have a great time here. And see you around.


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Do u know how hard it was to get that one on here?! Tis was not easy ><; She'll be on from time to time Alex but she won't be as active as in quote:"I'm not a forum junky like u" T_T We are very two different ppl.

Weird title? She got that from a song she was listening to on the new Ciara CD >>;


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Weird title? She got that from a song she was listening to on the new Ciara CD >>;

I was listing the Yahoo Music and I noticed Tempt and remembered her username..


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Welcome to the forums, I am very glad you've decided to join Fusion Central, hopefully you'll be an active member here, because we need a lot of people to make this a special forum. Enjoy yourself and post as much as you can.