Gerrard or Lampard


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If you could choose between acquiring Gerrard or Lampard to your personal favourite team, who would you choose? Personally, as a Liverpool fan, I am biased so my answer wouldn't really come as a surprise. (You'll Never Surf Alone, you know ;p)

Both are fantastic players though.

Steven Gerrard
Born: 30 May 1980
Club: Liverpool FC
Club totals: 477 appearances / 111 goals
Frank Lampard
Born: London. 20 June 1978
Club totals: 597 appearances / 163 goals

Would like to see some posts comparing strengths/weaknesses/personality/mentality etc.

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I don't rate players due to their games played, goals scored etc. I rate on their current form. They are both douchebags, but I've got to admit that both are very exciting and determinted players. Lampard sometimes gets lazy on the field, but very useful. I am voting for Gerrard here, he has skill and his enthuasm makes the game better.


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Having being that ive seen lamps and gerrard play against us on many occasions, Gerrard by a country mile. I dont rate Lampard at all he shouldn't be in England's midfield, he can hit a good shot but he's fat and lazy an has an attitude.


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Gerrard. By a mile. Lampard for me is one of the most overrated players in the world, i don't think he should even be in the England team. i remember how awful he was in the world cup, had more shots than anyone in the whole tournament and didn't even get one goal. Gerrard meanwhile is a fantastic player. Amazing talent and a natural born leader.


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Lampard by a country mile for me. I don't like Gerrard as a player or as a person and I also believe him to be the most overrated player in the game in many years.