Germany aims to ban Paintball


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Agreed. It's a silly cheap shot activism by politicians who want to appear "tough on gun crime". In 4 months, there are general elections in Germany and I'm sure we'll see more of such silly activism until then.


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The governing parties say games like paintball trivialise violence and risk lowering the threshold for committing violent acts, the sources said.
Then they would have to ban all violent games and other things in the entertainment field that show violence like movies/tv shows. If they're really serious....:lol:


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Wait, they want to ban paintball . . . as a result of a school shooting? That's like banning matchbox toy cars after a drunk driving accident. Here I was thinking that ridiculous laws were solely the US's profession!


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Wow.. This is pretty bad actually. Boxing and MMA are definitely more dangerous than paintball. Maybe those should be banned too.

And the violent videogame argument is a good point. Who knows though, maybe they will get right on that too.... :shocked:
My 21-year old mind can't even begin to describe the sheer retardation of this idea. Whoever thought of this should be paintballed in the face at point-blank range just because.


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I've never known a paintball to kill someone, this is ludicrous. I guess thats what you get when you elect a bunch of socialist nannies that know how to live your life better then you do :lol:
...I really don't even know what to say. That is absolutely ridiculous! Constantine said it the best. Matchbox cars for drunk driving. Horrible, people are taking this way to far. People are responsible for their own actions, not the things they use.