German postman marries his fat cat


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Is it just me or has the world gone to shit?
Grown men arrested for drink driving barbie-mobiles, people claiming not to have eaten anything for 70 years, grandson having a baby with his own grandmother and now, A German postman marries his obese, asthmatic cat.

German postman marries his cat - Mail & Guardian Online: The smart news source

What's next?
Shit or sick??? I'd say sick.

What I want to know is, how is it even possible? The cat can't even say, "I do" for christ sake!:shifteyes:


I'm serious
It's stories like these that make me get up in the morning. Every morning I think, "let's hear the crazy things that happened in the world yesterday".


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Alright well this I have never heard of, and seeing as I keep a minor list of these kinda of wierd pairings I might as well add it to my list, which includes:

Marriages to Family
Marriages to dead people
Marriages to video game characters.


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It's like that woman who married the roller-coaster or whatever it was a while back. It's just plain weird. Obviously these people need some kind of mental help.


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Obama getting blowies from Hillary during a meeting with the Chiefs of Staff

I really flipping hope so!


That or we discover Pokemon are real and that ACTUALLY Drew Barrymore has been one the entire time.....:shifteyes:
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