Gerbil escaped from cage 2 days ago, and still no sign...


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2 days ago one of my sisters gerbils escaped from its cage. it managed to bite through a piece of one of its plastic tubing, and ran for it. for the two days so far we have done nothing but search for it, and its getting to the stage were we are considering on giving up - even thought it maystill be somewhere in the house. (well i say house, we live in a bungalow)

has anyone had any expereinces of this before? its only that we are running out of ideas on what we can do to try and re-capture it, and where wondering if anyone has been through this before?

Thank you for you time, and your help is really appreciated.



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Depends on where you live, it may have become prey already or it simply may have wondered off. Either way, if you haven't seen it in 2 days, it's safe to say that it may be gone.


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Yeah, this happened to me in the past but the thing came back to the cage after a while.

However, if it doesn't come back and you can't find it, chances are it's long gone. Maybe it escaped outside or something but two days is a long time.

My suggestion would be to set some live traps for it. Look online for ways to catch mice alive and see if you can make some of these to try and catch the gerbil.

Also, just a side note. Gerbils are more likely to escape if you have just one of them. They are social animals and if they are kept by themselves they will be generally unhappy and will have less reason to return if they escape. In the future I'd suggest getting at least two of them.


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the one that escaped did live with another one. it wasnt on its own. we did a whole heap of reading on them before we bought them, so we knew too buy them in pairs.


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I had a baby hamster that escaped from its mother's cage by squeezing through the cage bars and was missing for a full two weeks. I had a pet cat, so figured it was a lost cause. However, one night my cat came into the living room carrying a little baby hamster by the scruff of its neck, and it was healthy and alive! We just put it back in its cage with the rest of the family, and at this point he was big enough that he couldn't fit back out through the cage bars. We named him "Lucky." Point is, there is definitely still hope that your gerbil is alive and well.

As far as capturing it goes, I only have experience with hamsters, but I found that the easiest way to recapture them is to just leave the cage open and stocked with food and water, and they'll eventually come back to the place they are comfortable with on their own.


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the one that escaped did live with another one. it wasnt on its own. we did a whole heap of reading on them before we bought them, so we knew too buy them in pairs.
Ok good. In that case though, I'd look into the live traps like I mentioned. You could even buy something like one of these, depending on how big the gerbil is.

Live Trap |

These are for mice obviously but they might hold a gerbil too.


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I know how it feels to lose a little one like that. I had this one hamster which I stupidly left outside in his cage while I went to eat. Don't ask me why, I already hit myself for it.

We put food and water outside and thought he was gone forever, however the next morning, I was coming upstairs and looked outside and who do I see munching some food? :D

Other than that, nothing but the same ol' gnawing the bars on the cage door, pushing it open and escaping. I found him in the cupboard, twice. Once on a second shelve leading me to ask the question, HOW THE HELL?

I also found him several times in the basement, which is more scarier due to the drainage hole, as well as at the time, the basement was scattered with crap and it was like a maze. So you had to listen very carefully for any small sounds he would make.

He was my longest surviving hamster no less, something like 18 months, if not longer. Which is good, considering they are about a twelve month pet, though can go for like 48 or something in rare cases.


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One thing I will say is check under the cushions on your sofa/chairs because when I was younger I had a hamster which escaped and it ended up inside the sofa. There was a hole in there and we never realised. We heard him scratching around which is why we looked there. It was so weird because I don't even know how he climbed up there!
Hamsters can get in to all sorts of small spaces so I am sure it's the same with gerbils. Make sure you search every corner of your house.

I hope you find him!