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Creeping On You
We don't really have any huge bridges in Manitoba. In Ontario, there are some really long bridges along the south part of the province that span whole lakes, but these are more like long strips of land, than bridges lol. Although when you're driving on them, it feels like your driving on water hehe. I have been over a swinging bridge in Souris, MB that is a record long free swinging suspension bridge. It went over a river and is super long and shakes the whole way. It's just for walking though. It was freaky to walk over but not too bad.

So yah, I guess I don't have Gephyrophobia


I have no problem walking across any bridge as long as I stay inside the bridge not on the outside as I have a fear of heights.


yellow 4!
Fear of bridges. I was reading a book about the Mackinac Bridge and apparently over 1,000 motorists every year request help driving over the Mighty Mac. My mom is afraid of driving over it but I always thought she was just being dramatic; I love driving over it. I even walked over it one year for the annual Labor Day Bridge Walk.

How do you feel about crossing bridges, particularly large ones like the Mackinac or the Golden Gate?
That's interesting. I get excited to cross bridges in the car, even if they aren't particularly big ones. I very rarely come across any type of bridge, though. Always wondered what it would be like to drive over the huge ones... Walking over them as you did sounds fun too, though I'd probably be somewhat apprehensive about that.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
My dad always gets really nervous driving over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. He's not good with heights at all, so I've had to drive over the bridge for him several times. Some people are like that with tunnels as well.
Tunnels don't bother me at all. Sometimes I get sketchy with drivers that can't stay in their gorramn lanes but the tunnel itself doesn't bother me. Bridges will sway and that really freaks me out.