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still nobody's bitch
Fear of bridges. I was reading a book about the Mackinac Bridge and apparently over 1,000 motorists every year request help driving over the Mighty Mac. My mom is afraid of driving over it but I always thought she was just being dramatic; I love driving over it. I even walked over it one year for the annual Labor Day Bridge Walk.

How do you feel about crossing bridges, particularly large ones like the Mackinac or the Golden Gate?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I don't have a fear of bridges (my sister does) but like I do with tall buildings I marvel at some of the larger ones and I guess they do semi make me apprehensive at times. Just because of the size of them.

I've been on the Golden Gate Bridge and to be honest I was more scared of it when we were on a boat under it then when we drove across it.


Registered Member
I don't mind the bridges themselves, it's the large mass of water underneath!
If I don't look over the sides when crossing a bridge, I usually do just fine :)
I have never been on a huge bridge such as the Golden Gate ....wow~


Son of Liberty
I've never crossed the Golden Gate, however I have crossed the Oakland Bay Bridge a few times. Its like 2 maybe 3 times bigger than the Golden Gate. The cross never bothers me really.

However I'm also in the comfort zone of my own vehicle. So how about instead of these metal and concrete bridges.... how about rope and wood foot bridges you'd see at your local zoo. How about those?

I dunno about you but feeling the sway of the bridge and the general unsteadiness of it resonating through my heels, the up close and personal look down to a fall that would most definitely cause some pain.... those are a little spooky.


Well-Known Member
Bridges don't scare me. I have a friend who is deathly scared of crossing them, but that's more due to bad experiences involving bridges in the past. Also, I'm not used to the huge bridges like you have in the states...I remember one bridge back in NZ, that was one way over this huge canyon thing, but also shared it with a train line, with no crossing signals or barriers. I have to say, I was slightly nervous when I crossed over that.


Registered Member
I don't mind it at all. But suspension walking-only bridges way high up would make my heart race. Back in 1995 while vacationing by June Lake in the eastern Sierras I was walking across a wooden bridge with my 9 month old baby girl in a carrier on my back and I fell into a hole. (Yes, I was enjoying the scenary and didn't see the it.) My right leg slid completely through and my torso slammed forward and my daughter flew out of the carrier. It was so scary and painful too!! Luckily I only ended up with some very bad scrapes on my quad. Baby had a little bump on her head.


Sally Twit
I'm fine so long as I don't look down. I am not good with heights. I've never had problems walking over bridges. However, one type of bridge I would try and avoid are the wooden ones where you can see in between the gaps. They make me feel a bit sick.


Boom Boom Pow!
I used to like crossing bridges when I was younger, but as I got older I became a bit more scared of them. I wouldn't say that I had gephyrophobia, but I get a little uneasy when walking or driving over bridges.


Registered Member
I love bridges, especially the rope ones. :D They're like being on a branch way up in a tree and that's def awesome if it's really windy. But I like hanging from branches by my legs and I'd def like to try Accrobranche! :nod: It's just a totally awesome feeling.