George rides again.

" of the most baffling recent US government actions has been to ban the addition of a newly-discovered prevention for cervical cancer, to the vaccinations given to every young girl, because it might encourage future sexual promiscuity."

"Scientists now know that cervical cancer is caused by a sexually transmitted disease called HPV, which also causes herpes. Early sexual experimentation can lead to contracting the disease, which leads to cancer later in life. Scientists have now developed a vaccination for HPV. If all young, pre- pubescent girls were given this vaccine, the scourge of cervical cancer would end. So why isn't this being added to the list of vaccinations that every young girl gets? Because the FDA, under control of the Bush administration, thinks this would lead to too much sexual experimentation and they want to make abstinence the cornerstone of their sexual policy—both here and abroad—despite the fact that any family that agrees with this could simply not have their daughter vaccinated, since cancer is not a transmittable disease, like mumps or measles."

In the March 13, 2006 issue of The New Yorker, Michael Specter quotes medical researcher David Baltimore as saying, "I never thought that now, in the 21st century, we could have a debate about what to do with a vaccine that prevents cancer…What moral precepts allow us to think that the risk of death is a price worth paying to encourage abstinence as the only approach to sex?"

So George is using his twisted version of Christianity as an excuse for refusing medical care to people who he thinks MIGHT engage in sexual activities of which he doesn't approve.

I know there aren't a lot of women on this site, but even the men here may have women in their lives that they care about: Mothers, girlfriends, wives, or even friends. Where is the outrage? We have a way to prevent a cancer that is killing thousands of women and George Bush won't let the FDA let it be released for public use because of his religious beliefs. This is the same George Bush that has reinstated torture, which apparently doesn't conflict with his religious beliefs.


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GW is just a sad, sad little man. He is trying to turn the presidency into a dictatorship. He just needs to stop getting involved in shit like this and do something important with his time, like invade more small countries or something. The more GW does, the more he annoyes me. It really is that simple.


It's amazing that GWB will fight for Democracy in Iraq and try to foster Theocracy in the USA.
Absolutely ridiculous, there's no reason why this vaccination should not be added to the list (unless there actually happens to be medical reasons for how it is harmful or something that isn't being discussed in these articles). They don't want it there because they're afraid that without the risk of cervical cancer, girls are going to be too promiscuous? Let's phrase that differently... they're basically using CANCER as a threat against promiscuous sex... wow.


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I'm speechless, absolutely speechless. Just when you thought GDub couldn't stoop any lower, he pulls this kind of nonsense. Wake up, America; We have a lunatic in the White House.



What the hell? What ever happened to all that love and kindness jazz man? Its like... not here. Yeah, thats messed up, I agree. if I were female, would I really want the Vaccine? Not very likely, but its not like their being forced into it or anything, and beyond that, there is nothing wrong with taking a thing to prevent a disease.


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interesting. do you think George Bush is going too far? yes he is. hes misinterpreting the scriptures. thats not good. then that can mess up peoples perspectives toward Christians, then that messes up peoples perspectives toward God. ugh, doesn't he care about helping people? Jesus helped the adulterer, he didn't just leave her to get stoned to death. even though she sinned. don't let this mess up your guys' perspective towards Christians and God, some are not representing Christ in the exact way they should


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At this point it doesn't matter how I feel about the war in Iraq, I feel that GW is an embarrassment to this country and Christians every where. Just when you think he can't do anything worse he finds something to add to his list of stupid things to do. Its a vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease that also stops a form of cancer. It should be released because of the sexually transmitted disease if not for the cancer. And he has the gall to play God with people's lives because he doesn't approve of how young girls MIGHT choose to live their lives? This is luacris.


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This doesnt surprise me at all. I have grown accustomed to Bush's actions on continued idiocy. Nothing seems to phase me or shock me anymore in his actions.