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George Bush


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I think Bush felt nothing could be done until Saddam Hussein was taken out. Saddam was the big bully going back to 1990 and the invasion of Kuwait. It is easy now since Saddam was taken out to say that he was no threat, but he was a real presence before 2003. The Bush administration seriously thought he had nuclear weapons. They called it weapons of mass destruction, which is a silly phrase because biological weapons are not going to do widespread damage. It is atomic and hydrogen bombs that we have to concern ourselves with. Ironically, it has turned out that Iran is the nuclear threat, not Iraq. I know our military is stretched thin. That concerns me too. It sickens me everytime I read of another American soldier killed. Bush has only a little more than 2 years left. I am not sure what he is going to do. The only way we can go after Iran is by bombing their nuclear plants. We can not invade. Iran is far too expansive. But bombing nuclear sites would be a way of going back on the offensive. Right now, we are doing nothing. The American media attacks Bush to the point that I believe they would like to see the downfall of their own country. I know the media votes Democratic and that there is an election coming. But, again, this is not Vietnam. John Kerry opens his mouth and he talks like it is 1971. Bob Woodward keeps writing about Watergate. Jane Fonda is an old woman trying to make a comeback. This all stems from the 9/11 attacks. We can not sit idle and let our country be destroyed. Someone has got to have the guts to get up and go after these people. That someone has been George Bush.


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Something that doesn't get talked about is Bush moved the USS Eisenhower and the USS Enterprize to Iran. They should be arriving any day now. I think Bush is tired of half-fighting and is going to show Iran what America has. Anytime you move 2 aircraft carriers off a country, you are prepared to use them.


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Bush wanted Saddam out at any cost, and he used whatever "ethical purpose" he could find to justify that invasion. First it was WMD and terrorism, then it was liberation of the Iraqi people that was tact on for PR purposes. Bush didn't even have the guts to get Congress's approval, and using his lawyers and the last Gulf War as an excuse.

The truth is Iraq wasn't even the biggest threat at the time, N. Korea was threating us with being able to launch Nuclear warheads that could hit U.S. soil. Iraq and Iran kept each other in check. Now we've found ourself right smack in the middle of a war thats been going on for a very long time.


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North Korea is not a big threat. They have to answer to China.

We may bomb Iranian nuclear sites in 2007. If so, we will have Iraq as an ally.


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North Korea doesn't have to answer to China, they're ALLIES with China. That means what China will support North Korea in any action, defense or otherwise.