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George Bush is a great president

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Texas in The White House! It was a war cabinet from day one. Vice-president Dick Cheney was elder Bush's Secretary of Defense. Colin Powell was the big General in the Gulf War. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was an ex-wrestler who worked for Nixon and Ford. Television dug up footage from the Gulf War as soon as the Bush administration came in. For nearly 8 months, Bush's group had no purpose. After 9/11, it had all the purpose in the world. No one saw 9/11 coming. Blaming either party is absurd. Bin Laden and al Qaeda attacked all America. Any American could have been inside the Twin Towers of The World Trade Center on that day: Republican, Democrat, white, black or Hispanic. It was both an act of terror and the beginning of a crusade by Muslim extremists against Christians and Jews. George W. rose to the challenge. 9/11 changed him. He became a man of steel, a man of faith. He developed the same self-deprecating sense of humor that Reagan had. He appointed minorities. He proclaimed the civil rights of every American and freedom for all. He pledged to nominate qualified people to serve as judges. Bush views the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as part of a larger War on Terror. Saddam Hussein boasted he would fight and die in Baghdad. When Saddam was captured, he was found hiding in a hole like an animal. It is too easy to call him a coward. There are plenty of radical Muslims willing to die for their cause. Bush named an "evil axis" composed of Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Iran is trying to enrich uranium while North Korea claims to have nuclear weapons. North Korea wants to talk to the United States one on one while Bush insists on multi-lateral talks involving 6 nations. It would be advantageous to do both. Democrats criticize Bush for going into Iraq and taking the focus off al Qaeda. Bin Laden is thought to be in the mountains near the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. He remains a threat because of his hatred for the United States and everything that smacks of civilization. Better intelligence is needed. It is imperative that terrorists not gain access to nuclear weapons. There is a down side to Bush 43 when it comes to domestic policies. He has gotten his way because of 9/11. Without a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, he might have been a one-termer like his father. Voters were reluctant to change during war time. Bush has implemented tax cuts for his oil buddies. He is the president of the rich. Education and science have suffered at the expense of religion. Still, Bush's speech about going to Mars coincided with a NASA plan to return to the moon by 2018 and to reach Mars by 2030. The price of gasoline has doubled under Bush. Never before has this happened from one president to the next. The Republican Congress has given oil companies the go ahead for drilling in Alaska's wildlife refuge, something we must do. Alternative energy sources are being researched. Bush wanted to privatize Social Security. To privatize Social Security would be to turn it into something else. Social Security is a government program stemming from the FDR era, a response to the Great Depression. It was not designed to be a pension fund. It was designed to be a safety net for the aged and disabled who are unable to take care of themselves. If Bush can appoint judges to the Supreme Court who will overturn Roe v. Wade, it will be a monumental achievement. 46 million babies have been aborted since 1973 in what has become an American Holocaust. John Roberts and Sam Alito can move us away from national suicide. George Bush spoke of a "coalition of the willing" when he invaded Iraq. This is in his favor. Saddam caused his own downfall. The United States has the right to defend itself as long as that defense is made by the willing. No one has been drafted and sent to Iraq. The soldiers there are volunteers. Their courage and loyalty to their country can not be questioned. It is a dangerous mission. As I write, there have been 2,316 Americans killed in Iraq. This is a high price. 40% approve of the way Bush is handling the war due to his recent speeches and the election of a permanent Iraqi Parliament. I empathize when he says it is his job to defend the American people. It is imperative that Americans stand together against an enemy who would destroy us all. George Bush insists on total victory. He is doing what he said he would. He has kept America safe after 9/11 and has brought democracy to Iraq. Al Qaeda and its terrorists had America surrounded. Bush distracted them by taking the fight to the desert. It was a standoff between the Bushes of Texas and the Husseins of Baghdad going back to the Gulf War of 1990-91. One family had to go down just as Roosevelt or Hitler had to go down in World War II. America is the leader of the free world and must rise to its destiny. 2004-05 was a test for Bush. He passed the test. He survived the Michael Moores, John Kerrys, Cindy Sheehans, Jane Fondas, Ted Kennedys and Harry Reids. History can only acknowledge George W. Bush's greatness and his legacy of freedom to all humankind.

U.S. PRESIDENTS http://jimcolyer.com/papers/entry?id=50


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Hi Jim, I agree with you. While there are plenty of things to point fingers at about the war and how things have been run, the fact of the matter remains that positive changes have taken place in Iraq.

I don't necessarily agree with the initial reasons we went in, due to the fact that the weapons were not found. Regardless of this, there is a bigger issue at stake. Millions of people (Kurds) were being executed and thrown into mass graves by Saddam's regime. While this may have had nothing to do with our initial reasons for entering, we would have been terrible people to ignore it.

Sure, there are other similar situations right now in other countries, but as people have been saying, America is not the world police. I like to think that we do what we can when we can, but it comes down to is it the right time to do it.

I was glad today to see a happy story right on the front page of MSN. 3 Western hostages were found and released by the US troops. I also have several friends in the armed forces, (some marines and one airforce), as well as many who are retired. I respect them highly for what they do, and wish everyone could respect them instead of this media war we have going on.

BTW, your post would have been easier to read if you separated it into sections.


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Andrew, are you really worried about a short sarcastic/comedic reaction comment hurting the board more than you are an entire topic with a gigantic intro post that initiates a bunch of debate material? Seriously, weigh the odds here. I think at this point, making humor about something like this is the ONLY way to contribute to it without worse things happening.


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I know this is really going to piss you off,and i'm sorry for that.
The rest of the world believes that America wants the oil.


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Boy, I don't even know if I should post to this thread, but I'll try to control-alt-delete myself if I get too riled.

I disagree. I think that all the war in Iraq has done is to focus the country's attention away from problems that are becoming more and more divisive and whoever is President when the war goes away is going to find a country divided and in need of strong measures to fix a myriad of domestic problems.

I abhor the goings-on in Iraq prior to the invasion, but I keep two things in mind when I think about it - there has been ethnic war in the area since the beginning of time, so why on earth does Bush think he can solve a problem that no one has been able to do so in thousands of years? Second, have we forgotten who put Hussein in power in the first place and armed him to the hilt - yes, it was the U.S.

Blindly upholding one's government's action is exactly what we are fighting against in Iraq, yet so many of us are doing the same. We are afraid to be critical of the war because we're made to feel as if we are being unpatriotic to do so. Whatever has happened to freedom of speech and the right for everyone to believe in what they choose to without being labeled a traitor or un-American?

My final question - how would the U.S. feel if another country felt just as strongly that their way of government was correct and more fair than democracy and so they invaded the U.S.? Why are we always right and everyone else is wrong unless they totally agree? We are in danger of becoming as much an unyielding bully as we claim the leaders of other countries are.

Enough of my rant. Hopefully it's not quite as long as Jim's and I hope he respects my right to have a different opinion and express it openly, as anyone who believes in the U.S. constitution should.

Yes, I do now live in Canada, but was a legal U.S. resident for a lot of years, paid all my taxes, did everything I was supposed to, could even have been drafted off to war in the Gulf, but couldn't vote for the person who would have sent me off to possibly die in the desert.

Deep breath .... okay, I'm done now. Thanks for your patience.


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Actually, what I find intresting, is that I actually know someone who is studying Conflicts (as in a pHD for that fact). And she believes that all major wars have been ended with a shift of power. I believe that the only way that we can fully complete the war is by a shift of our power. That's why I was kind of hoping President Bush would get out of office.. :-/


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i think that everyone is way to crazy to judge him and that if they were put iun the same situation they would se how hard it is to run a country
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