genocide is ok?

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    Originally Posted by TheDonkeyofPoker
    so we teach our kids as a parent, we send them to school to learn
    then we tell them its ok to not have an opinion and beliefs because its educational to question your beliefs?

    maybe I am being naive and thinking the topic is extreme like...
    I believe genocide is wrong, it happened... so someone thought it was right
    how about u Johnny, u thought it was wrong, now can u tell me reasons why its right?

    sorry just my personal opinion.... oops

    someone misunderstand what the word belief is, if you question it, you don't believe. but what got me was how anyone could actually make argument that genocide is ok?

    the comment was made in a thread that I seemed to go off topic on
    talking about our education system, which I was against schools telling the students to make a speech about something they don't agree with, simply for a learning tool....

    can anyone give me a reason why genocide could be ok, and make argument for it..
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    What is the purpose of reproduction? To ensure the future of the species. As rational creatures, we face a glorious opportunity to seize our future, or else extermination. By only allowing the most fit of peoples to reproduce, the Earth will be inherited by a race of supermen, and by maintaining the status quo pushed on us by those without the strength of will to do what must be done, we will see our species weaken and wither away until we are ultimately destroyed.

    It's a simple equation. The capable are used by the less capable, and by preventing the later from reproducing, we can ensure that the capable thrive without burden and usher in a grand new age. What do poorer nations and peoples contribute? They only take. Preventing such people from reproducing might seem cold, but hope for our future--mankind's future--depends upon it. The right choice is obvious. All we need is the will to do what must be done.
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    Avoiding an Antihuman slippery slope, one can argue for the need of Genocide at least once in civilization. Standard human minds lack the complexity to understand unfortunate situations that haven't occurred yet. Obviously Genocide represents one of the most Cruel & Unusual forms of Human on Human crime. However prior to mass strategic and targeted exterminations of fellow homosapiens we had little to no understanding of the repercussions it would have on the generations during and after the given event.

    Much akin to understanding the gravity of a large scale terrorist attack (911), Americans took most all acts of terrorist violence with a grain of salt. Not completely understanding how destructive it truly is to society and the societal pysche. One could make the argument that the unfortunate awakening was needed to change our understanding of how real a terrorist attack is. Same goes for Genocide, prior to the actual happenings, we had little to no understanding how the devastation it would cause.

    Had we as humans not lived through such a Negligent or maybe obvious Genocide at the minimum of once in our colorful history the thought of Life Regulation acts wouldn't be as farfetched. Imagine the Chinese Child Limit in order to practice Population control. Thats an easy first step, how about a second step of a Senior Settlement Doctrine or "Life Retirement" as it could be more friendly labeled. Senior Settlement consisting/meaning of Government aided/mandated suicide after a predetermined age. Or maybe a lighter approach, say Step 2.1; A Health care stoppage to ensure those who no longer serve in the working class and are retired are not guaranteed to live beyond such and such age with the aide of medical miracles, as they (the elderly) will become a stress on tax payers and the whole retirement system. Plus as a Population control the SSD will lightly thin numbers of the Elderly out of the General Populace thus creating more room & resources for the working class families.

    Honestly think, if we'd be so willing to be convinced that a regulation of child births per family was ethical... how difficult would it be for a Silver Tongued official to convince at minimum Half of the Mass (enough to vote it in ;)) that it would be alright to literally create a Legal Government ran System that with all the bells and whistles pulled off is nothing more than Elderly Genocide. However had we not seen the effects of the most famous Antisemitic Nazi Genocide, or the Russian led Communist Genocide, or even the Armenian Genocide.... We as humans probably would have no clue.

    Therefore there is an importance, a significance, even a necessity that as a Society we need to experience the all time lows in order to maintain all time highs. Because without knowing what we're capable of, how can we ever learn what actions to prevent or provoke?
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    I just found this thread.

    No, that's not what belief is. That's faith. I question all aspects of life, does that mean that I don't believe in life? I don't think that you can truly ever believe in something unless you truly question it and find out all that you can about it. Otherwise you're a fool that should be herded with the rest of the sheep. For all you know, your blind beliefs could be following the pied piper to your doom.

    Let's take, for instance, the thousands of people in Africa that are starving and riddled with AIDS. How are any of them going to contribute anything to any part of life that'll make anything better? All they're going to do is soak up resources until they die. Not only that, they're, for all intents and purposes, nothing more than a biological weapon. Anyone that they have sex with, will probably end up with AIDS as well. And their children have the chance of being born HIV+. With these people around, this horrible virus stays around. And why are we keeping them around in the first place?

    What you have to realize, if you're going to argue for genocide, is that you're arguing to mass exterminate people. Just because you don't think it's right, doesn't mean that it's wrong.

    I still think you're a fool for thinking that questioning your beliefs is wrong and I think it's even worse that you refuse to see anything from a different point of view.
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    It is true that if you question things you don't believe. It is also true that before you can truly believe in something you must first question it.
    It's like with gravity. In order to come to the conclusion that gravity is the ruling principle of the universe students first have to figure out what it is and how it works. They must first question it's existence and functioning before they can acknowledge its validity. But once they have reached this step and come to the conclusion that indeed gravity rules the universe, then they have come to firmly believe in it.

    When you merely believe because you tell yourself not to question things, you will always be haunted by the little voice in the back of your head that questions things. What if i'm wrong?
    When you reach a belief through reasoning it is build on a much more solid foundation and there's no room for feelings of fear that perhaps, maybe, the other people are right after all.

    I saw a program on tv last night with an old man. According to him the nazi's had put the jews in concentration camps to protect them against the allied bombings on the german cities.. so they actually did them a favour.. :glare:

    But nah, seriously, arguments can be made to approve of genocide.
    'The only good indian, is a dead indian' and old sayings like that come to mind, the history books are full of such rethorics. It's actually quite scary how the nazi's defended their genocide based on eugenetics.. and on theories produced by gentleman-like scientists from all over the world.
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