Generics or Store Brands that are just as good as Name Brands?


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Hi all

What are some generics or store brands that you like just as much as regular name brands?

Now that the boys are getting older we have been picking up more and more Store brands of certain items to make our grocery budget stretch more.

Most of the ones we pick up form Food Lion are just as good if not better than the Brand name stuff. Atleast we think so.

So do you think Generic or Store brands are just as good as the Name Brands?


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I shop at Bi-Lo so our store brand is Southern Homes. Some things I don't mind getting store brands but there are a few items that I refuse to defer from the name brand that I have always used. Overall though, I really don't see the difference in quality on what I do get.


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I think the store brands are just as good as the named brands plus most of the store brands in the UK don't test on animals.


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I think most store or generic brands are as good as the name brands, typically (not always). My favorite macaroni & cheese of all time is the IGA spirals variety. It's far better than Kraft, in my opinion. :nod:


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Food-wise, I don't know. I can't think of any examples offhand, except for Stater Bros. peanut butter, that being because Jif and the like contain too much sugar to suit me (Mom raised us on Laura Scudder's all-natural - "Just peanuts and salt.") The generics I do reach for are OTC drug preps, e.g., your 'Pepto-Bismuthex'; a little label surfing has proved their active ingredient formulas to be identical to those of their pricier brethren in nearly every instance.


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Whole Foods' store brands have fantastic juice. Which is nice, as non-store brands are rather expensive.


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Usually there's not much difference at all no matter what store you're talking about. It just goes to show you how much influence money and brand name recognition has.
For most things the store brand is fine for me, bread in particular. The only store brands that I'm not a fan of are things that require more complicated recipes, like store brand Cheese Its or cookies. Those, based on my experience, aren't as good.


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I buy store brands for most of the food products we buy. They're cheaper and we get more "miles" with it (fidelity card).