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Generic or Name brand?


Hell, It's about time!
When you go to the grocery store do you buy name brand or generic food? Why or why not?

Personally I buy generic. It's pretty much the same thing in a different label. Unless something is on sale, it's always generic.


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It depends. Sometimes generic actually tastes very similar, or even the same. If that's the case then I have no problem getting generic. Doesn't make sense not to if you ask me. Other times generic can taste like a cheap knock off. I'd rather go with name brand in that case.

Take Cheerios for example. You can't really find a generic Cheerios that taste like the real deal. Other cereals like corn flakes are available in so many generic brands (that actually taste just fine) it's not even funny.


Hell, It's about time!
I know from working at Food Lion that a lot of grocery stores actually contract various food companies to make their generic food. A perfect example of this is Food Lion soda is bottled by Pepsi. It's the exact same thing, just in a different bottle.

A lot of cereal is the same way. Yes there are some knock offs, but most of them are made by the same company, and just given a different label.

Things like canned food, it's the same as name brand. Soda a lot of time is, and so are chips. A lot of dairy is that way too.


Oh, poppycock.
I definitely go with generic. It saves money if only a little bit, and I'm not bothered by small taste differences. This is especially true with cereal and chips for me.


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I buy what i like. Nothing more, nothing less.

If I like a brand name, I'll pay the extra couple bucks for it (Bulls-Eye Barbecue Sauce, for example). If the No-Name brand is just as good, I'll buy that and save a couple bucks.


Creeping On You
I always buy the cheapest one on the shelf. Brand name doesn't affect me. unless its cheese though. i always buy New Bothwell.


Buying generic food is just cheaper, saving a few. But brand name chocolates I buy and savour knowing all too well it cost me a arm and leg.


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I am really weird about food. If it's canned or frozen, I buy brand name. Dry cereal I will buy generic, snack food for myself I will buy generic. My kids only get name brand though.

Oh, and I will buy generic soda for myself.


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There are things I buy that have to be specific product brands otherwise they don't taste the same and it ruins the food for me. All the other things, I buy the store brand (it's usally the cheapest of all brands and it gives me loyalty points at the counter) or the non-brand. Non brand is more cheap than the store brand. It doesn't even have a name but only a € sign. :lol:


Some things I have no problem with buying the generic version (bread, buns, tortilla chips, etc...) but some things I just prefer the taste of the name brand. Pop is one such product. Yeah, generic brand pop is still pop, but I just prefer the name brands too much to willingly trade taste for price. The same thing goes with some cheese products, frozen pizzas in alot of cases, and pasta sauces. Essentially, the more complex the recipe gets, the more the more I tend to prefer the name brands, because they just make their products in a way that I like enough to pay a little more for.