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So what is a rule you follow while driving? It doesn't really have to be a law, just something you also do, no matter what.

One thing I know is to stay at least 3 kayak lengths behind a care that has a kayak on the roof rack.


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Look in the rear view mirror. Constantly.

more of a weird habit, but it's what I do.
Me too. I think mine stems from when I first started driving I was listening to really loud music, and when I looked in the mirror there was an ambulance with it's lights & sirens going. I have no idea how long it was behind me, but all I could think was "What if I delayed them just long enought to make the difference between life & death"

And I always keep 2 seconds behind the car in front. Too many people tailgate, makes me mad! :mad:


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Yeah, tailgating is scary more than anything.

I did tailgate this one jackass though. It was at a left turn, and the protective arrow turned green, and I was doing something and didn't go for 3 seconds tops, and the guy behind me honks at me (not a light honk, a long 2 second honk). So once I turn, I slow down so he gets stuck in traffic behind me, and once he passes me, I start tailgating him. At the red light, I stopped like 5 inches away from his bumper and kept inching forward. He kept scooting forward until he was almost into the intersection. Bastard.


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I always tap the steering wheel. It's a bit of a nervous habit I suppose.

I look in all the mirrors all the time too. I like to see where everything is. And sometimes I get bored while driving through rural areas. So I have to look at things.


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So what is a rule you follow while driving?
Accelerate into corners.

I always do this where most people will reduce speed. It places the centre of gravity in a favourable position plus you have more grip under traction than you do under braking, you also wont have to then accelerate out of the corner making it more economical. It scares the life out of my passengers.

If there is someone riding too close I almost always jam my foot on the brakes.
A little trick I learnt for tailgaters;

Initally brake and reduce speed by 5 mph (not to much that it would be dangerous), the tailgater will mirror your braking. If they then continue to tailgate; cover the brake pedal with your left foot and place minimum pressure on it, just enough that it triggers the switch that illuminates your brake lights but not enough to activate the brakes, whilst you do this squeeze the throttle/accelerator.

They will think you are braking(and mirror it) when infact your accelerating and a gap will naturallly appear, however hard they try and tailgate you they wont be able to.

edit; Ive driven a lot, I am nearing the 1.5 million mile mark; I used to work as an international courier.
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But... the ass end of a van coming at them at 60 mph will deter anyone riding too close.

Also, I live in a "fault" state. If he hits me from behind it is always his fault.

i cant think of anything strange that i do
if im in a turn lane, and im listening to a song i really like, i wont put on my blinker haha.