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just sounds better...


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I've read a ton of articles, watched a ton of videos, and spent a ton of time researching, looking for statistics, checking out spreadsheets, watching the streets, and that doesn't even include all the time I spent watching the news, discussing it with my friends and family, and reading post after post after post. :-/ And I still can't get a date with Maria Brink... :(

Well, BOOBS!! :D
Heh heh... you said boobs.


Embrace the Suck
In 1979 the richest 1% owned ten percent of America's total wealth. Now they own forty percent. This simple, verifiable fact proves that 'trickle down economics' is a sham and a lie. The more they make, the less the rest are able to make. And by the way, there are no Mom and Pop pizza points in the top 1%. That's just another lie.
Actually it proves no such thing, it doesn't prove anything other than some at the top have accumulated more by percentage...nothing more and nothing less. What is a lie is the more they make the less the rest are able to make. At the expense of repeating myself, capitalism is not a zero-sum game, until people understand that we're going to keep having these fallacious conclusions.