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General Boredom's MD section


Embrace the Suck
I don't know about them being obnoxious all day, SS. Methinks they spent most of the day stoned and sexually assaulting each other. It's only when the news cameras show up do they become "protesters" :lol:


Lion Rampant
The Romney campaign’s very first television ad, released yesterday, dishonestly presents a 2008 McCain campaign quote as the words of President Obama. The ad features a voice-over of Obama saying “if we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.” Then-candidate Obama indeed said those words, perhaps dozens of times during the closing month of the 2008 campaign. The only problem? Obama was actually quoting the words of a strategist from Sen. John McCain’s campaign. Watch the Romney campaign’s blatantly dishonest ad:

Believe in America - YouTube

So hey, fair is fair...

Mitt Romney In His Own Words (And By His Own Standard) - YouTube

Romney's New Anti-Obama Ad Gets PolitiFact's 'Pants On Fire' Rating
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That's right. Because Obama isn't going to be talking about the economy that he is responsible for making much worse. Hell, I'd be happy to get back to how things were for me in 2007.

Now we have those who are riding in the wagon bitching at those of us pulling it that we aren't giving them a good enough ride. They need to get off their lazy asses and pull the wagon too instead of sightseeing.

What ever happened to "we all need to have some skin in the game"?


Problematic Shitlord
Yep, our total lack partisan attack threads is really taking away from the quality of the site.


Creeping On You
Smelnick for Beerer of the month! Botm as in Bottoms up!


Lion Rampant
It's a big Rezko problem. A big fat one known as Big Bob Kjellander and Big Bill Cellini.

That's at least 500 pounds of angry Republican boss hog, being pestered by the idea that Rezko could cut a deal and talk not only of Democrats but Republicans, too. Republicans like them, I mean.

Obama's opponent in the general election, Republican Sen. John McCain, can at least say that Kjellander and Cellini were supporters of Mitt Romney. While campaigning in Illinois, Romney made it clear that he'd get rid of U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald, who authorized the prosecution of Rezko.

Kjellander, the former treasurer of the RNC, is currently helping plan the 2008 Republican anti-Barack convention in Minnesota. He was mentioned prominently in the Rezko corruption trial.

In trial documents, Rezko friend Kjellander is called, somewhat poetically, "Individual K." He made millions in finder's fees on state bond deals with Democratic Gov. Rod "The Unreformer" Blagojevich.

Kjellander's political boss is Illinois Republican power broker, asphalt king and casino magnate William Cellini, another featured player in the court papers and in the trial.

Though neither Kjellander nor Cellini was charged in this case, both have been implicated. Cellini was named "Co-schemer A" by prosecutors and called "The Pope" by insiders manipulating billions of dollars in state pension fund investments.

The White House Rasputin, Karl "The Architect" Rove, also was mentioned in the trial, as was former House Speaker Dennis "Don't Ask Me About My Land Deal" Hastert, alleged to have been part of an effort by the bipartisan Illinois Combine to get rid of Fitzgerald. To demonstrate their kinship, Cellini and Rezko flew out to Washington on a play date and visited a White House reception with President Bush, where Kjellander joined them.
Rezko is not just Obama's problem--he's the GOP's - Chicago Tribune

And how much did Rezko raise for George W. Bush? Four million dollars, something like that? I know he got invited to a Bush White House Christmas party as thanks for the wonderful work he did putting cash together for Dubya. Kjellander and Cellini, Rezko's partners in crime, prominent Republicans. Treasurer for the RNC! And both implicated in the shady doings. But there's never a word about that around here, because we're not interested in truth here. We just want to root for our team.
In 1979 the richest 1% owned ten percent of America's total wealth. Now they own forty percent. This simple, verifiable fact proves that 'trickle down economics' is a sham and a lie. The more they make, the less the rest are able to make. And by the way, there are no Mom and Pop pizza points in the top 1%. That's just another lie.
That ought to keep the lads happy for a bit. :)
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I've read a ton of articles, watched a ton of videos, and spent a ton of time researching, looking for statistics, checking out spreadsheets, watching the streets, and that doesn't even include all the time I spent watching the news, discussing it with my friends and family, and reading post after post after post. :-/ And I still can't get a date with Maria Brink... :(

Well, BOOBS!! :D