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I was wondering if anyone else on here has looked up there family history? I've been working on my family tree a lot this year. When I was a child I was always told that my father's side of the family was Irish. When I started to research my family history I actually found out that my father's side of the family is actually British. I find this stuff pretty interesting. I also found out this year that my family came to America on the ship Supply which is the companion to the mayflower which I thought was interesting.


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No, I have sometimes thought about sitting down and searching, but my childhood was really crappy.....and so I figure there isn't much that would impress me.
My Grandfather on my real Dad's side was born in Germany, as was my real Dad.
On my Mother's side, her Father was born in Greece.
So I have German and Greek in me.....I call myself Greeman ~LoL~


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I have looked into my family past, both mother and father for the last 250 years.

My father and entire family is 100% Estonian as far back as I can find, from my mothers side, my Great, great grandfather (about 180 years ago) was Russian, but other than this all the rest from what I can find were Estonian. So I guess I am mix breed lol.

My sister soon though I think will marry an American... 1000's of years of heritage ruined by her!! lol I only joke! :lol:


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I can only tell my family history about four or five generations back in both cases; on my mother's side, I am Polish, Romanian, and Russian, while on my father's side I am Polish and Romanian. :D Although I have a German last name.


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I've not really done much research, but I know what my grandparents did and where they lived, also some of the great-grandparents.

The ancestors on my father's side always lived in Germany, Prussia and Saxony to be exact, as far as I know. My great-grandfather (father of my father's father) was Sorbian, though (a small Slavic minority in south Brandenburg). A great-great grandmother of mine was probably Jewish, but converted to Christianity (she had a typical Jewish birthname and joined the church very late, which was very unusual in the mid-19th century).

My mother's parents used to live in Poland, today Ukraine, until 1939. As part of the German minority there, they were resettled in Germany, due to the Hitler-Stalin-Pact. Their families were mixed, German, Ukrainian and Polish, but they were still German on the paper, although they spoke Polish at home. That's why the family was torn apart and those who had "German" written on their identity cards were sent to Germany. Many members of their family got lost during the war, one granduncle of mine turned up in Canada again a few years later (apparently, he had managed to escape to Canada. He had a Canadian wife and several children who probably still live near Toronto, but I have not managed to find them online so far).

My grandmother on my mother's side, the one from Poland/Ukraine, was proud to be among the few in their village who still had a German birthname, but her facial features looked very Asian, almost Mongolian. Probably, some of her Russian/Ukrainian ancestors belonged to an Asian people in the Russian Empire.


Haters gonna hate.
I have and it is rather deep:

My entire maternal side is from Britain, including my mother herself. My paternal side has been in America since the early 1800s before they arrived from either Bavaria or Switzerland. It goes way back.


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I only have it on my dad's side. An aunt and a couple other relatives actually did a full look back and made a book that has the geneology and stories about everyone they could get ones on. They came to Manitoba in 1880 and staked out the farm themselves (which I still own), before that they were in southern Ontario since the 1820's, and they came from the Devon and Cornwall regions of England where the furthest they could trace back was a marrige in 1512.

On my moms side the most I have is a story from my grandpa about his grandfather being a cop in NYC (Irish) and he had his service revolver and billy club. Unfortunately, that stuff was taken by his wife's kids when he passed instead of going to his kids. We believe they sold it.
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