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    Just making this topic so everyone knows I'm not dead. I'll be back around once the summer hits, it's been hard lately to come on with school and all.


    On to the topic:

    How is it that almost all sports are split up by gender? I can understand age, but why gender? This can also relate to why are there two different sports specifically for two genders that have the same idea (baseball/softball)?

  2. ChinUp

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    I think for many people sports are a way of getting away from the other gender .. its got nothing to do with the other gender not being good enough, strong enough, yada yada .. It's about people wanting to hang with their own gender sometimes .. get some perspective ..
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    I think that there are few sports that today are just for a certain gender. I think if you go to Canada you won't see many women playing softball as many would think because softball I know in Newfoundland is just a bunch of both men and women drinking and playing some ball. I think that sports are coming around but like Sui said there still are some sports that Men and Women are expected and not expected to play.
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    Watching sports may be a way from "hanging with the guys" but I don't think people actually play sports to get away from men/women.

    Women have always had their own leagues because they weren't considered even players. I think it would be interesting to see a push for women in major sports, except for football, because I don't see many women that are big enough to tackle those guys. Not to mention, there'd probably end up being a groping penalty added to the rules. How could that sort of shit being avoided?

    I would definitely like to see some women in the NBA and MLB though.
  5. Kazmarov

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    They're mostly split up because I think people, parents especially, have issues with the notion of co-ed sports, particularly contact ones. I think that they can continue as such, but there should always be an option to move to the men's league (which is mostly the higher league).

    I can see women in a different league. After all, a lot of games that are based on height and weight might not be as fun for them if they are forced to play against guys. Men not letting women play, however, just seems like their scared. A female high school wrestler had to sue to get to play on the guy's team, and went undeafeated.
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    This is an interesting topic to me. For a long time, I have worked with guys in a sports environment (Track in high school, martial arts, PE in college). Often, I have been the only girl who is competitive with the guys. There are various reasons for this. A few that I can think of are:
    (1) I am big for a girl. I am average height for a man in the US, and I am a good weight for my height, so I am the size of a lot of guys.
    (2) Girls are often told that being competitive in sports is viewed as unladylike. The idea is sill, but I hear it over and over.
    (3) Girls on average are weaker in the arms than guys for reasons that involve hormones, body structure and genetics. (There isn't difference for these reasons in leg strength).
    I enjoy playing sports with guys. I don't mind the roughhousing that is often involved, but I know a lot of girls who do. But I like to play tackle football...

    That being said, girls can be competitive with guys in sports. At my college, I participate in the mixed martial arts club. There are 8 people who attend the club regularly. Of the 8 of us, I am the only girl. I am in the same size range as all of the guys in the club. We are all experienced martial artists. I am one of the two best people in the club at sparring. This is because I am quicker than most of the others, and I have more skill than many of the people there.

    I hear people say that women are "just weaker" than men as an excuse for men and women being on separate teams. Any time I hear a guy in a weight room say this, I ask: "How much can you leg press? I bet that I can do as much if not more." This is a well founded bet cause I can press about 3 times my own weight... I was a long and triple jumper in high school. It either makes them shut up, or they start swearing at me... I prefer it when they shut up.

    I think that there are a lot of factors in this, and I talked about the ones that I have encountered personally, as the girl who plays with the guys most of the time...


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