Gender-based drinks.

Do you think that drinks can be Gender-specific?

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Recently, someone (no names mentioned, but you know who you are) has suggested that some of my favourite drinks are 'girly', like Pina Colada, Malibu and Coke, and Martini and Lemonade. I argued back that there is no such thing as either a girly or manly drink. It's a drink.

Long story short, we agrgued back and forth and it inspired me to make this thread. So:

Do you think that there ARE girly/manly drinks, or does it not really matter?
If you think it DOES matter, could you provide an example of each?

I personally (obviously) DON'T think it matters. A drink is a drink at the end of the day.


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I agree that some are more feminine than others and vice versa, but I don't think that should stop you from ordering some


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course there is well a drink is a drink but some are more based towards one gender than the other though u got to admit like a pint o beer a more manly drink and a spritzer more of a girly drink


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I think some drinks are catagorised into male and female drinks. But i agree a drink is a drink at the end of the day. If you like the drink your going to drink it.


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Unless specific drinks can do specific wonders for bewbs and zizi, I don't think I've ever classified it as being for either of the sexes. The presentation, and not the content, of some cocktails though (with umbrella and stuff) makes some look girly.


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There are a few gender neutral drinks. But I do agree that some drinks are more "manly" and "feminine" then others.

Something like a Mai Tai, 7 and 7 or a Pina Colada are gender neutral. It's fruity drinks like Smirnoff Ice, or a strawberry daiquiri that I think are "girly". Are they good? Sure, but I wouldn't be caught dead drinking one at a party.

"Manly" drinks are things like beer, rum and cokes, whiskey etc... So yes, I think there are drinks based on gender.
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There are definitely drinks that have connotations of a certain gender but I've never seen anyone care. Girls drink beer, guys drink vodka and lemonade.
and Lemonade.
HEY! >:\

Yes, I think there are girly drinks out there; drinks such as a white wine spritzer. Just saying it sounds gay. When you go out you don't normally see a guy ordering fruity type of drinks. Usually, you see men order hard liquor, beer or a type of dark wine.

It's cool if a guy has those girly drinks, though. Just have them at home so nobody will start making suggestions about you behind your back. ;)
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I look it this way, if that's what you like drinking who am I to make a comment about it? I sit there and drink whiskey all night long so what's that make me?


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Yes when I think about some drinks, they sway either to a manly or girly drink.

I think that cocktails and wine are more girly drinks, and beer and bourbon are more manly drinks. Doesn't mean I think a guy is girly if he drinks cocktails and wine or a girl is manly if she drinks beer and bourbon.