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Geez, some people!


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I've felt like doing this myself to a few of our rude policyholders, but to actually go through with it?? What idiots!!
What I find truly amusing is the way the cable company tried to make amends...2 months of free cable!! :lol: Oh, yeah, that'll make it all better!



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But she's canceled her Comcast account, anyway.
The course of action she should have taken several phone calls earlier.

As for her never being rude, multiple phone calls is rude.
I do have empathy for her and the frustration she must have felt. Many years ago I had a problem with a cable company. Tech finally came out and said it was my TV set so not the cable company's problem.

It was not my tv set, it was their cable box! Finally wrote a letter (pre-email era) to the president of the company and low and behold, I not only got a reply but immediate action. Problem was not only resolved but I was reimbursed for the two months I had the problem and a Representative came out in person to make sure I was satisfied.

Sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the grease but then again, the duck quacking the loudest, is the first one shot.


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rheaman said:
The course of action she should have taken several phone calls earlier.

As for her never being rude, multiple phone calls is rude.

I really don't agree with this statement, but that is my own oppinion.....When I call about a problem I expect it to be fixed and I don't care who I am talking too especially if they are technical support...THAT IS THEIR JOB...that is what they get paid for that is what they should be trained for....and when I pay for service technical support usually comes along with it and had she been talking to the wrong person they should have directed her to the RIGHT person....I should not have to contact no president or higher authority to have a problem takin care of.....and I would think the President of that company would agree with me as that is why he has employee's so he does not have to deal with these problems...

Now reguardless whether or not she was rude....I would be after many attempts of having a problem takin care of...I would never NEVER expect to be called a name (especially on my bill...are the stupid to put in writing???) because I demanded the service I paid for.....

now you may disagree and that is ok....but I don't think throwing money out a window is good business and that is what she was doing when she did not get the service she was paying for.......

So I guess you can put the "B" word on my bill!!!! hahahahahaah


what? no pink?
I agree Trina. there was absolutely no excuse for this kind of treatment. If she had to call that many times to get a problem fixed that in the end still was not fixed, that is not rude at all on her part. That was rudeness, lack of caring, not to mention unprofessionalism on their part for writing what they did on her bill. I would take it one step further and sue them for it. She was the customer, paying for a service that they WERE NOT providing, so she had a right to call as many times as she needed to get what she paid for! How rude, inconsiderate and childish on their part. I would be fuming over something like that. and 2 months free service??????? OH PLEASE!!!! that doesn't even come close to making it up to her.


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I agree, that two months service for free...uggg that is like a slap in the face after being degraded like that...I mean if it was in the place of her name...does that mean the part showing through the envelope was that name also...for all the postal workers to see as well?????

I would have to say that with me their two months service would end up being me ownen the place for that.....

hmmmmm infact thats a good Idea I should start making my rude calls...hahahahah


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I've read a more detailed article about this and the actual name on the bill was B***h Dog and 2 employees who this was done by were both fired. Agree with you all.....customer service is 75% of a business and 2 months free for that is nuts. Then again we don't know what she was calling about either. The one I read didn't say either. Maybe it was petty stuff? Doubt it though knowing how cable works (or doesn't work) Still no excuse for the company employees behavior!


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I used to be a cashier at a grocery store. One day, a lady completely blew at me because something rang up wrong. I was completely calm, she was not. It was one of those scenes you can only imagine. Yes, it was embarassing, but the next day the lady came in and really apologized. She said she was just having a horrible day and she really didn't mean to take it out on me. I accepted her apology and no harm was done. A bad day...we've all had our share.

I could have called her every name in the book and for that moment it would have fit. It wouldn't have fit the next day.

Yes, that lady might of been a bear, but for the employees to go beyond thinking it...I believe that's wrong.
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