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Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 Beta


rainbow 11!
To my knowledge, it will be available on the 25th.


Did anyone preorder the game or buy Bulletstorm for the Beta? I pre-ordered the game last week, so I have the code for the Beta. I hear that the people with Bulletstorm will have access to the Beta before those who just pre-ordered GoW.


Well-Known Member
Someone said they'd be sending me their code from pre-ordering the game because they already have the code from bulletstorm but i'm not sure that will happen. If not, I may have to look at pre-ordering Gears. Especially as I imagine most of the people I play with on my friends list will be playing it.


rainbow 11!
You should send tony a message to see if he will send it to you. He should, he is a nice guy!


It's not me, it's you.
The boyfriend is playing the beta now. It seems to be much more face paced than the 2nd one. Some cool new guns. The sawed off shot gun is pretty awesome, but if you miss your shot you may just be screwed, unless you can just run away and survive. It takes so long to reload that gun, and you only get 4 shots with it.