Xbox 360 Gears of War 2: New Ranking System


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So, has anyone played GoW2 recently? I went on the day before yesterday and the ranking system has completely changed. They've updated it to remove the old bar ranks (One bar, two bar, three bar, Gold, Platinum, etc) and replaced it with levels, from 1 to 100. :-/

I think this method will be more satisfying, because honestly I didn't even know how or when you'd rank up on the old system. Plus, on this one you'll actually get a rough idea of how good someone is - except for all you know, that level 1 may have been a Gold bar on the old ranking system, because everyone's rank was removed and reset.

For instance, me and my teammate owned a game against player's averaging level 1-14, and we were only level 1 ourselves - in the old system we were two bars. :hah:

That said, it's pretty easy to rank up, and it tells you at the end of a game how close you are to the next level, and how much experience you need, etc.


Thoughts, anyone?


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Yeah I noticed, the 3rd update is a pretty good one, fixed some annoying exploits , also the new ranking system ; I like it better. I Agree with your post.