stupid blur__#@_#4fag :mad:

Bio248: you jerk
Bio248: now im +1
Bio248: who does that!
XZ0cool: lmfao
XZ0cool: :D
XZ0cool: now you have 2 karmas
XZ0cool: XD
Bio248: you fuckin queer
XZ0cool: hahahahahaha
Bio248: im totally posting this conversation to take up space
Bio248: haha
XZ0cool: where lol
Bio248: on the forum..duuhh
XZ0cool: lol i meant what forum
XZ0cool: cus u better not put it in the wrong spot
XZ0cool: and i wont even tell you where to put it
XZ0cool: but if you put it in the wrong spot im gonna give you +100
Bio248: ...the general you butt fag
XZ0cool: then delete it
XZ0cool: hmm nope
XZ0cool: haha
XZ0cool: hint: go to bottom of forum
XZ0cool: lol
Bio248: i dont know, im not looking right now
Bio248: haha
XZ0cool: yea ya better be not knowing
XZ0cool: ignorant fuck
XZ0cool: :D
XZ0cool: lmao
XZ0cool: i farted like
XZ0cool: felt mad dry
XZ0cool: like a air tunnel
XZ0cool: swoosh
Bio248: im done
XZ0cool: lmfao
XZ0cool: im dyin
XZ0cool: side stitch
Bio248: im gonna post it in the wrong forum on purpose
XZ0cool: then i will delete it
XZ0cool: lol
Bio248: not if i ninja it in there and you dont see it
XZ0cool: i will see it
XZ0cool: lmao
XZ0cool: unless you post like mad
XZ0cool: cause i just click your name
XZ0cool: and hit last post
XZ0cool: or view posts
XZ0cool: and most receint first
XZ0cool: lol
Bio248: thats fucking cheating >.<
XZ0cool: lmao


Bio248: there...bitch
Bio248: i keel you
Bio248: oh shit, i broke the rulse
Bio248: haha
XZ0cool: lol
XZ0cool: u did?
Bio248: yeah rule number 1 is like no bad mouthing the staff or some shit
XZ0cool: lmao
XZ0cool: i dont even give a fuck
XZ0cool: jus long as its
XZ0cool: like not
XZ0cool: fuck blur sucks as an admin
XZ0cool: but if its petty shit like this
XZ0cool: this aint flamin lol

flame these! :p

blur = penis :D


god also decided not to give you a gender