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gaunlet drak legacy


O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
has anyone ever played this at an arcade? its like the best arcade eva. i have my jester at like level 12 so xhen i used my secret charecter and got the hiena at level 25.


Valkyrie is better ^^

Honestly, I believe the arcade version is 10x better than platform versions due to interaction with other players at the same time, and actually being able to communicate. Adds alot to the fun factor, let alone the health always going down second by second ^^. Me and bunch of friends played one night at a lockdown in Arizona at a Laser Quest, we spent more time on Gauntlet, then actually doing Laser tag.


Registered Member
Ya I used to play it at the arcade all the time. I have it for the PS2 so me and my brother used to played nonstop it was awesome.


This game was pretty great on the game cube, I used to have friends over all the time to play that game.


O N03Z!!! 4 /V0Z!!!
yeah it was good on thee cube. but then it broke and now i have it for ps2 HIeNA NOW LEVEL 79!