Gatorade Tiger, worst idea ever...


Guardian of the Light
Well about a week ago i tried gatorade tiger for the first time, and i must say that I'm not in the least bit impressed with it.

the red flavor is the worst. (though the yellow and purple are pretty bad too)

I drank about an inch of it, swallowed, then realized that I was having some serious gag reflexes because of it (i almost barfed up everything that I had in me). So I thought that maybe it was just my bottle so I asked my friend to try some (from his own bottle) and he hadn't seen what I did with mine so he tried it and the same thing happened.

coincidence? I think not.

Gatorade needs to taste test their stuff before they give that kind of junk to the general public.

I am most definitely never having gatorade tiger ever again.


A Darker Knight
I had the green one. It weasn't bad. Gatorade pretty much tastes the same to me now with the exception of Rain.

I hear the Water is even worse.