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Gas Prices


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How much is gas where you live? It's about $2.20 per gallon here, which is actually low compaired to some of the recent prices. :)

Really the small penny changes arent as bad as they seem. If you do the math, really you are only paying a few dollors more total even if the prices are extra high.


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we are paying 2.60 a gallon right now in our area. I would love to be paying 2.20. the difference between those two prices for me is about $6 to fill my car, which really adds up if you are on a fixed income.


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I was really excited yesterday, when I pulled into the gas station and noticed the cost was 2.06/gallon. Since I almost always go to the same place, I don't usually pay much attention to the price, but when it's dropped that much, it's kinda hard not to notice. Let's just hope it stays down!!:nod: