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Gas Prices Lowering Towards $3.00/gal


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Remember $3 gas? Well the price is headed down and might get back to that level again after more than three years.
Well, users, it looks like we may be able to save a lot more money, for gas prices are dropping towards $3/gallon. As of right now, the highest gas price is in $4.01/gal in California and the lowest is in South Carolina at $3.14/gal. The gas price as of right now from where I'm at is at $3.79/gal. I pray that this keeps going, especially with the price of oil dropping in the Middle East.

Gasoline prices drop closer to $3 and could keep falling - NBC News.com
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I just put gas yesterday at $3.92 a gallon, which is not bad around these parts (LA area), but I could still use the relief. I commute about 350 miles a week, so any price decreases are quite important to me. I won't believe it until I see it, though, for I remember a report coming out saying that by this time last year, gas would be down to under $3.50 in my area, and it was about $4.15 a gallon at this time last year.


Free Spirit
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The last time we got gas it was $3.10 a gallon. I wish it would go down even further. Something will happen though and back up it will go.


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Ours is sitting around the usual average of $3.50 +- $.10. A drop would be fantastic.


Better Call Saul
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I got gas at $3.13 the other day and I saw it was down to $3.11 yesterday.

I like the trend but I doubt it goes under 3 bucks