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Gas, Electric Or Something Else?


Registered Member
When you or someone cooks is it gas, electric or something else being used to make the food?

Do you prefer a gas stove, electric range or some other kind of appliance that can make food?
Why is this?

Do you believe one is cheaper for any reason?


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I've always had gas stoves and that's what I prefer. I've used some electric stoves and I don't feel as though the heat control is quite as good.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Right now I am using electric but I think I would prefer gas because sometimes the electric can go off and it has been off for days. If I had gas I could at least still cook without going outside with ice on the ground, that is usually when it happens, to build a fire just so I could cook a burger.


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Gas right now, but I've lived in places that do not have gas, so in those places I cook on electric stoves.


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I have used both gas and electric stoves and ovens.

I much prefer gas stoves - I feel you have much more control over the heat.

When it comes to ovens I am ok with either gas or electric.


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I totally prefer electric. You may have more heat control with gas but I'm always uneasy when using gas because of the open flame. I've never once found myself wishing I had more heat control. Let's just say I'm not exactly the most picky person when cooking :lol:.

Anyway, everything else in the kitchen is electric, no reason to have a different kind of stove. Electric glass tops (like what I have) are also much easier to clean. Additionally, it's nice to be able to simply turn it on and off and be able to leave it alone with no worries of a gas leak or something.

If the power goes out then we'll cook in a wood burning stove or a portable camping stove that we keep plenty of fuel for. We also have a grill on top of that if we really had to use it in an emergency, that's outdoors though.


Registered Member
Definitely and with no doubt gas range and if I can help it that's the way it will always be.
I never even knew there was such a thing as an electric stove or saw one until I met RTB at his apt. in California.

I cooked for him and I tell you I didn't like it one bit but cooked while I was there.
I am so happy about the gas stove because the electric has been going out more often in this neighborhood in very cold weather. I am probably the only one around that uses gas and am happy that I still have a way to make the house warm.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I like gas stoves but I prefer to keep all of my appliances electric so I don't have a gas bill at all. I even try to get an electric furnace.


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I have a gas stove, and I am quite happy with it. I have used both gas and electric, and to be honest I don't have a preference. They both get the job done.