TV Gary Coleman in Hospital


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#2 is reporting that "Coleman's brother-in-law told that the actor suffered a head injury after a fall."

Damn, dude's had it rough...


"Expect the unexpected"
Sad to hear about Gary. I've always liked him. I hope he will be restored to full health. 'Jah' guide and protect!


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He may have been just a child star with an overused line, but he was a fellow human and a loved one to someone out there. I mourn his passing. May he rest in peace.


I'm serious
Damn, I always get to hear this type of news last! I did not hear about this at all.
I am sad to hear about his passing though. I always got a good giggle just looking at him. May he rest in peace!


"Expect the unexpected"
Damn!... A truly sad occasion. His life was somewhat of a uphill battle for the most this! Damn!... My condolence to his family and friends. Rest in peace bro.


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Was just watching and episode of Nitro Circus and ironically, he was in that episode. I don't think MTV did that intentionally.