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Gary Bettman wants...


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Gary Bettman is making it a priority to have NHL goalies shrink the size of their equipment.

"I wouldn't mind if there was a little more open space to shoot at," Bettman stated. Many fantasy owners wouldn't mind to see a shrinkage in goalie equipment to allow for more offense for their players. Perhaps now player will actually have a chance at scoring a few more goals instead of firing at brick walls. The NHL also surpassed for the first time the 21 million regular-season attendance mark, which represented 84 per cent capacity of the 30 league arenas. Too bad it still doesn't have a viable national TV contract. Bettman also said "Revenues will be a record $2.5 billion for 2007-2008, which means the salary cap will once again increase." Now lets see how much higher it will go where the equality aspect of the cap becomes inequality for small market teams
Gary Bettman is also looking at changing the NHL schedule.

Each team will play 18 interconference games next season. That's up from 10, and it means each team will play ever other team at least once. This will at least give a chance for the fans to see their favorite players live. Also for the second consecutive year, the regular-season opening games will be played in Europe - Stockholm and Prague this time. Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and the New York Rangers will be the teams starting their season overseas. Stockholm and Prague seem better suited for NHL games than London last season because those are actual hotbed cities for NHL talent. Hopefully this season's effort will translate into greater global appeal than last season's debacle
I guess what Gary Bettman wants, Gary Bettman gets? I dont understand why we need to shrink the goalie pads again. Oh, wait, just bolster scoring and get more money, eh Gary?

I do like the idea of more interconference games. That'll create an atmosphere in which the fans can say the talented players across the NHL instead of just every three years.


still nobody's bitch
I hate to say this, but I like the idea of shrinking goalie pads. Look at pictures of players from before the expansion era. Their pads are practically non-existent, compared to the gargantuan pads on people like Giguerre. Even Don Cherry thinks they're too big.

I still hate Bettman though.


Registered Member
this was in 1986

this was probably in the early 90's.. pads were getting bigger

by the time he reached the 21st century

when it comes to cheaters, check this out .. ridiculous

I agree with Gary, and it's about damn time. hockey; for 80 odd years was played with pads that were barley 30CM wide, then came along the 90's, Bettman got the office and pads started getting bigger, strecthed almost 15CM+ cheaters were not punished. It's about damn time.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't mind if they shrink the goalies pads to be honest with you, but don't make the nets bigger, if they do that then there disrespecting the goalies in my opinion. Not all goalies will mind the shrinking of the pads because there quick agile, but every goalie are going to hate it if they make the nets bigger.


Registered Member
They are disrespecting the game if they change the nets. If I'm not mistaking since Jaques Plante came into the league the only thing that has remained the same is the nets. And the goalies shouldn't have a problem with shrinking pads. Their predesors have played with small pads.
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