Garbajosa Ready to Help Raptors


Aw, Here It Goes!
I also heard that he will be wearing #15 not sure ow the raptor fans are gonna like this.

"Jorge Garbajosa is a winner. In the final of the World Basketball Championship, Garbajosa drained 20 points to lead Spain to a 70-47 romp over Greece, the same Greek team that had beaten the mighty American squad that included Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Raptor Chris Bosh," writes Mike Ulmer of RAPTORS.COM. "Signed as a free agent in July, the six-foot-nine, 245-pound power forward gives the Raptors something they have long coveted: a hardworking, hardnosed big man who can deliver a key rebound, set bone-jarring picks and bust a defence with three-point shooting."


Depends on which Raptors fans? Some of them absolutely hate Vince Carter. I think it's okay that Garbajosa is wearing #15. Vince Carter didn't win them championships, Vince Carter surely didn't keep them in the playoffs consistently, Vince Carter admitted that he didn't play hard on the Raptors.


Sultan of Swat
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He'll take Vince Carter's number 15. As a huge Vince Carter fan I am perfectly fine with it. He's gone and we moved on without him. Plus the Raptors are starting a new ERA. That new Era include Garbojosa who really impressed me during the World Championships. After seeing him play I am really excited to see what he'll bring to the Toronto Raptors. He's even good enough to be a starter. Season is almost upon us I am really excited for this new look and especially Garbajosa.