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Haha that might be a funny song. Would have to do it Weird Al style.. (parody)

And I THINK GarageBand is only available for Macs. Do you have one?


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There's a ton of PC stuff you can get as shareware for 30-50 bucks.

Garageband is good for basics if you don't have much money or skill. I got to the limit of what I could do with it when I made a song on my second 'album', and moved up to Logic Express, which is the successor and is for serious amateurs.



Omg finale is the most amazing thing ever. but i guess thats if you want to write sheet music, and thats probably not what you want since you were considering garage band.

if you want some uber complex shit, get SynthMaker.

Holy crap it took me a month to learn that shit. Only program ive ever used the tutorials for/read the whole help menu.

But its astounding. pro quality stuff