Gang kidnaps RPG gamer


*imagines jack bauer interrigating someone for an RPG password*

and there are SO many less ridiculous ways of getting 8g's, especially if you have 4 guns. Smh...


rainbow 11!
Wow... That's pretty cool that the hostage didn't talk for 5 hours straight.

But I can't believe those 4 guys were so stupid.... It's just a video game.


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Good thing he was wearing his "Jackass Resistance +5" Vest.

I so had to make a geek joke there, sorry.


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LMAO, ROFL, HAHAHAHAHA, i just cant help laughing there, i used to play gunbound got boring after a while, that was pretty amazing though...5 hours with a gun to the head with no word coming out of his mouth...


La Coquette
This is just too much... I guess I will have to ba an average RP player in order to never be targeted by those folks! I mean that is just no fun....