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PC Games Gaming In Windows Vista


New Member
Hey guys, I thought this would be an interesting thread to spread. After reading a couple of previous comments and replies I thought this might be a good idea - just one question.

Who here is having trouble playing games using Vista, and if so, which ones, and if you resolved the issue, how did you do it?


1) Battle for Middle Earth 2. Won't start at all, no one online seems to know
of an upcoming patch to fix the problem. Any ideas?

2) Battlefield 2142 - Losing Packets (punkbuster) error.
I resolved this issue, by uninstalling bf2142, and my modem drivers, then
re-installing both. Works fine now.

3) Stalker. For the short time I played it, I believe Vista was causing the
shaders to malfunction giving me shadows of trees - indoors. Didn't bother
resolving the issue, the game sucked.

Just for everyone's interest with regards to Vista and gaming:

Q : When is DirectX 10 being released for use with Vista?

A : DirectX 10 comes WITH Vista dummy! It's already here, check your
DirectX Version through your 'my computer' properties.
So many ppl have asked this question lol.

Anyways, let's share the love guys!



Secret Agent
Staff member
I heard another popular problem with Vista gaming was that Creative Labs "Sound Blaster" sound cards do not work with Vista due to a new audio technology that was introduced in Vista.

Has anybody else had this trouble?