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Gaming Guides


l 7SIN Sasori l
I was wondering what everyone's position was on gaming guides. I use them all the time, but I know alot of people against the use of guides because it "takes away from the gaming experience".

Please explain why or why not.


Forum Drifter
If you are really stuck, then I don't see a reason not to use them. Plus, some guides give a lot of info on the game. The guide for Gran Turismo 4 has a lot of information on all of the auto maufacturers featured in the game and tells their history. That's very interesting and gives even more depth. I think they are a fine addition to a game. I usually don't buy them though because I don't feel like spending 15 more dollars right after I shelled out 50 for the game itself lol.


If you are using a guide for a how-to on everything in the game, then I don't really see a point in it. There are a lot of guides that do actually add depth to the gameplay, and I have no problem with those.


Registered Member
Sometimes the only way to get the most out of a game is through a guide because a lot of times you won't think of everything you can do and will otherwise miss out on something.

But some hard core people will not play with the use of a guide. I will do my best without the guide but will use one if neccessary.


Using Guides for games are not bad at all! especially when you really are in a part that is hard or when your stuck or sumtin...